Cab Suave @ Ukiyo At Gluttony, Adelaide 27/2/2022

Cab Suave is an intimate, fun, and witty depiction of a film noir-themed story, mixing circus with burlesque and cabaret. The show goes down smoothly, just like a drop of Cab Sav. The interactive theatrical performers used their improv skills to establish comedic and engaging personalities on stage, while leaving the audience in awe of their circus tricks, vocal talents and dazzling costumes. This LGBTQI+ inclusive comedy centred around private investigator Dick Johnson and his case at Cabaret Suave with the magical Mal, Baby, Ember and Trance.

The scriptwriting had an enthralling storyline and was filled with some hilarious sexual innuendos to match the cheeky soundtrack. Dick Johnson plays a successfully mysterious and ditzy narrator of this 1899 story. He engaged us with his acting skills and shockingly good balancing acts involving various circus props. Dick performed jaw-dropping stunts with ladders and bowling pins, and most scarily for front row viewers, knives.

In an intricately sewn sequined blue dress, Trance had the audience in a trance with her superbly deep jazz vocals. She swayed and sang in the background of other performers routines and cooed at us with her voice. Trance sang Fever during Ember’s fire-twirling routine, and it was iconic and hot; literally. She also sang a sexy, slow and smooth jazz version of Seven Nation Army while Ember played bass guitar and Mal did her thing. Mal displayed an empowering, strong and hypnotising aerial routine on a swing in a suave and sleek suit. Baby dazzled us on the ribbons during her aerial performance wearing a fittingly baby pink coloured ensemble.

Fergie’s A Little Party Never Killed Nobody seemed to end the film noir inspired night perfectly. Kissing, laughing, and dancing their way through the show with such poise and fun, Sparkle Society’s camp show had you literally grooving in your seat and cheering on the spectacular world that is Cab Suave.

Adelaide Fringe Review By Zara Zampaglione

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