Le Shiv Release New Single ‘The Wait Is Over’

Sydney indie/alt/rock/psych-pop band Le Shiv have a lot of patience. And so do their growing legion of fans. In fact, “so much patience it hurts” as the band proclaim in the open lines of their new single The Wait Is Over.

The Wait Is Over is a big song rock song. Grandiose! Pounding drums and bass, stabbing guitars with a killer riff and plenty of “whoa-oh’s” that would fill a stadium.

Produced in Los Angeles by the band and Andy Baldwin (Car Seat Headrest, HAERTS, Bonaparte), The Wait Is Over is an apt title as the band explains: “The title says it all for us. This was one of those nightmare songs you get every now and then as a musician. A song you can’t finish. When I came up with the first idea for the song, I knew it was going to be something good and that feeling was almost a hindrance in finishing it. There was this weird unspoken pressure to make sure the song was something special. So it took over two years to finally finish writing and recording it. When we finally got the master back it was so satisfying to hear the hard work. The wait was finally over. It’s just on to learning how to play it live now, which will probably take another couple years!”

The video for The Wait Is Over is a moving accompaniment filmed in the backwoods of Northern California. A coming of age story featuring 12-year-old Errol and his single mother June. Errol is forced to grow up quickly as he dances between his childhood daydreams and taking care of June, who struggles to hold it together. The video is available to view below.

The Wait Is Over follows 2021’s When The Kids Grow Up and I’m Fine, I’ve Said Too Much, But How Are You, the later added onto triple j’s and triple j Unearthed’s playlist. It was even chosen by Lime Cordiale as their #1 song choice for triple j’s Hottest 100 for 2021 with Oli and Louis from the band giving their friends a ringing endorsement: “We’ve grown musically alongside these guys and know their talent first-hand. They have a wild live show and this song captures the epic-ness of their sound!” they said.

Although from Sydney, Le Shiv’s story started in the USA in 2018. With Mossy (formally of The Ruminaters), Pencil and Jarleth connecting in Los Angeles, they spent months writing and demoing new material. The chemistry was undeniable, especially on stage. Their live following quickly gained momentum with shows in the US, Australia and New Zealand. With headline shows in the US and a tour with compatriots Skeggs, Le Shiv were announced as special guest for Grouplove’s North American tour. A week before the tour was due to start…..the world ground to a halt. They’ll get back to that.

Though the boys have been cooped up and locked down this past year, creatively it’s only stimulated them to write a cadre of new songs. The band are excited for the year ahead: “2022 for Le Shiv is all about playing and recording. We want to tour as much as COVID lets us. We have plans to record and release in the early year. After Wait Is Over we have the next follow up singles ready to record which will be part of a potential EP. Then the plan is to head back to USA to record our first album and play more shows over there,” they said.

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