Jamie McDell Reflects On Her New Self-Titled Album

New Zealand born, Americana artist Jamie McDell is in for a big 2022 with the release of her self-titled fourth album this Friday which was produced by Nash Chambers and has seen plenty of awesome already with single Dream Team and Not Ready Yet. This new album contains Jamie’s most brutally honest moments, in both writing and performance, while the musicians and production take you on modern journey through 70s folk and country, blended with a healthy dose of roots and rock. Jamie answers a few questions about her new album for Hi Fi Way.

Is this the most exciting week leading up to an album release?
Yes! It does feel like quite a long time coming, I’m so looking forward to finally having it out in the world!

How will you celebrate release day?
I’ll probably invite over some close friends and listen through the album!

Sonically how would describe your new album?
This is my version of Country/Americana music and within that, there are folk, blues, and rock elements all based around honest storytelling and a raw vocal!

How was it working with Nash Chambers?
The best. He definitely celebrates honesty and the imperfections that lead to an authentic sound. I found my voice on this record with his encouragement!

Did you enjoy collaborating with Robert Ellis, Tom Busby (Busby Marou), Erin Rae and gospel quartet The McCrary Sisters?
Absolutely, it was such an honour to work with all of these incredible artists. All have shown such humility and support and add so much to the texture of the songs in their special way.

How hard has the last 12-18 months been as a musician and trying to make new music?
Hanging on to this album has made it tricky for me to get into the mindset of creating new music. It’s almost like I’ve been waiting to set free these stories before I can make room for new ones. There’s been a couple of ideas that have popped up that I’ve been excited about though!

What are the go to albums that get you feeling inspired?
The Trio record by Dolly, Linda and Emmy-Lou. Patty Griffin – Flaming Red. Dixie Chicks – Wide Open Spaces.

Do you have plenty more ideas up your sleeve for new music down the track?
I have written a couple of special songs lately. It also feels like I’ve had a busy start to the year so I’m sure once I debrief on all of it there will be some more stories to tell!

Are feeling more optimistic about more regular touring this year?
Yes! I’m able to be patient, but very excited at the prospect of getting overseas for some shows again!

What’s next for Jamie McDell?
Celebrating this album release, planning some shows, and writing the next album!

What’s something that most fans wouldn’t know about Jamie McDell?
I really don’t like Christmas songs, but I’m working on it!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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