Ange Lavoipierre Talks ‘I’ve Got 99 Problems and Here Is An Exhaustive List Of Them’

99 problems. 50 minutes. 3000 seconds. 1 woman. 1 spider suit. 30 seconds per problem. An insufficient number of solutions. No refunds. If you currently have/have ever had problems, then the probably upbeat new show from award-winning comedian and journalist Ange Lavoipierre is absolutely for you. Fast-paced and unrelenting, this beguiling display of self-pity is the holiday from your own problems you’ve been waiting for. Ange tells Hi Fi Way more about the show.

What is your show about?
In many ways, it’s what it says on the box (I’ve Got 99 Problems And Here Is An Exhaustive List Of Them). That said, it’s not your standard list, given that problem #1 is being followed by spiders. It’s a story about superstition, and trying to work out what’s real and what’s not. Like, expect jokes, but also expect a spider suit.

Has the problem list expanded beyond 99?
No, it’s like the universe wanted me to have a factually accurate show! Nothing bad has happened since I wrote it.

Is it a therapeutic process going through the list each show?
Only the next ten days call tell for sure but I hope not because I’ve always found therapy to be a very expensive process. Honestly though, it does feel good having a rant, doesn’t it?

How do you keep coming up with new ideas for your shows especially through these unpredictable times?
Unpredictable times make for good ideas in my experience. If life was dull, I’d probably have much less to say. The notes section in my phone is mostly where I write from because my memory is utter trash so every time I think of anything remotely good, that’s where it goes. On the rare occasion I lose my phone, it’s creative Armageddon.

What other shows will you be appearing in at the Fringe?
Precious few. This one is brand new, so I’m putting all my energy into making it as funny and original as possible.

What’s the best part about performing at Adelaide Fringe?
I love the audiences here because they’re warm, and mostly willing to go with you on a new or strange idea. It’s also a chance to see dear friends who only appeal in my life two or three times a year. Or once every three years, in the case of a pandemic.

Tell us why is it so important to support the arts and artists during the Adelaide Fringe?
It’s rare to find a group of people who will work so hard for you as artists at the Fringe. They give it everything, so really you’re getting a bargain. Also, we’re like the fairies in Peter Pan – without applause we die.

What are you looking forward to the most about coming back to Adelaide?
Seeing what other artists have come up with in the last year. It’s a strange time to be writing, so I think we’re going to see some really interesting art.

What are three words to describe your show?
Frenetic, deranged, French. Although you might argue that ‘French’ covers all three.

Interview By Rob Lyon

Tickets to I’ve Got 99 Problems and Here Is An Exhaustive List Of Them are available from FringeTix

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