Emily Tresidder: Where’d You Go? @ Rhino Room, Adelaide 18/2/2022

The best way to get reconnected to comedy is to take a break from it all and that’s what Emily Tresidder did. After a two-year hiatus she’s back and we can thank that time away because she’s happier and a different kind of funny. Tresidder has found her own comedy groove and it’s not in a Hannah Gadsby kind of way. She’s thrown self-doubt out the door and doing comedy her way!

Travelling around the globe as well as travelling within her own self-reflection she’s brought on a fresh and unapologetic show with Where’d You Go? No holds barred with any topic especially some harsh words from critics reviewing her show and being a woman in comedy. Ouch! But its all good. Comedians should be left to do comedy how they want and with this show that’s exactly what you see, comedy that’s bold, brash and straight to the point all with that infectious Tressider charm!

Accompanied by her ‘box of gags’ we got a geography lesson that can only be described as unconventional but I have to say I learned more in that one hour than I ever did in high school! We learnt things about Malaysia, Turkey and some not so important facts like who is from Kosovo! Oh, and with all the stories of fun and no so fun travelling with her partner its safe to say they are still together.

Where’d You Go? is a comedy journey. Tresidder told us her story and was best when faced with uncertainty or the unexpected. Her quick on her feet quips and sharp comebacks all done with a smile that would take on any assassin won the audience over. It’s worth it to Grab Ya Tix! even just for her geography lesson!

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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