Stereophonics Unveil New Single ‘Forever’

Stereophonics today unveil their new single Forever – the third installment from their forthcoming album Oochya!, out 4th March via Stylus Records through Ignition Records Ltd, available to pre-order here.

Forever follows the previously released Hanging On Your Hinges and Do Ya Feel My Love?, which received widespread national radio support in the UK, added to A lists across all key networks, and has now received over 2 million streams across all platforms.

As Stereophonics celebrate over a quarter-century as one of the key cornerstones of British rock, they return with Forever – a track that oozes with glistening guitar and sweeping vocal melodies, paired with romantic storytelling. A reflective track that evokes freedom and the open road, the bridge builds to a euphoric chorus where frontman Kelly Jones is heard bellowing “I wish I could fly away forever, I wish I could take away the pain from you and release you”. Letting go is felt in the heights of his singing, as much as it is when Kelly puts pen to paper.

Of the new track, Kelly says: “‘Forever’ is about escapism. It’s about longing for a freedom for someone and taking away the pain they’re going through, it’s about taking a bullet for them. It’s about wanting to free the ones you love of pain, but we can’t – life’s pain is where we find growth. So the song has a lot wrapped up in it. People are feeling a lot of that these days.”

Forever is the third single released from Stereophonics’ new LP OOCHYA! released on 4th March. The album calls upon certain tones, feelings and themes that’ll resonate with fans young and old alike. Kelly Jones explains: “It’s quite an emotional record. At times it’s very nostalgic. The whole album is melodic. You put it on and it’s one of those albums you don’t really want to turn off because it keeps going onto different styles and the songs hold your attention. It shows a lot of styles of the band”.

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