Amy Hetherington’s Top 5 Tips For Taking A Baby On Tour

Australian comedy’s rising star AMY HETHERINGTON is back with bub in tow, sharing the wit and madness of her dive into motherhood – performing 18 shows across Darwin and Perth & Adelaide Fringe Festivals!

Crying Over Spilt Milk is a comedy creation fuelled by sleep deprivation, weird advice from strangers, sore nipples and tears (however irrational) over spilled milk. Whilst accustomed to wearing many hats, Amy Hetherington’s new role as a mother is one that’s provided her with the real life experience to connect with audiences about the struggle, challenges and ultimately survival of motherhood.

Taking a run of three nights in Darwin, before landing in Perth & Adelaide Fringe Festivals for six & nine shows respectively, Amy is pushing the boundaries of juggling a new baby, performance and all the fun of touring. Despite the stresses, Hetherington is always the optimist, her comedy landing her the moniker of “terminally positive”, emboldening her ability to laugh at herself and overshare with any audience, without a sceric of the embarrassment typically reserved for those conversations.

‘Amy’s Top 5 Tips For Taking A Baby on Tour’

Are you looking for a challenge? Travelling in a pandemic not difficult enough for you? Want to add an extra layer of complexity to your interstate adventures… try touring with a baby.

That’s exactly what Darwin comedian, and new mum, Amy Hetherington is doing this February. Her new show ‘Crying Over Spilt Milk’ is about the highs and lows of being a new parent and before she jets off, she’s sharing her Top 5 Tips for Taking a Baby on Tour *

Tip 1 – Start Training
Prepare that baby for the adventure. Get them cued to smile with applause, to look adorable when you’re trying to sell merch and to cry when you’ve had enough of talking to strangers after the show. I figure if my baby isn’t paying rent… she’s a resource.

Tip 2 – Pack Everything!
I’ve read heaps of blogs about travelling light with a baby, but screw that do the opposite. Pack everything physically possible! Make sure you look like you’re struggling under the weight of baggage and make sure everyone thinks you’re doing the hardest job in the world… that way you can con a good citizen into helping you carry things on the plane.

Tip 3 – Power Naps
Any chance you get between shows, feeding baby, doing media interviews, travelling to gigs, and juggling tour commitments you should sleep. The Power Nap is the ultimate mum flex and if you can master it, you’ll unlock the secrets to the universe.

Tip 4 – Colour Coordinate
If you’re bringing your baby on tour with you, take a moment to think about aesthetics. That baby is the ultimate accessory on stage, and you better believe fashion is a top priority. The child will resent you when they’re older looking at embarrassing mum/baby matching outfits… but it’ll be worth it for the gram.

Tip 5 – Go Easy On Yourself
If you’re touring with a baby… you’re a legend. Go easy on yourself if things don’t go to plan. There’s so much out of our control at the moment. It’s important you stay optimistic, flexible and kind to yourself. If you’re having ice cream for dinner or you forget to brush your teeth… f*** it it’s fine.

*this advice is not condoned by any professional parenting groups, it is utter chaos*

Catch Amy Hetherington’s show Crying Over Spilt Milk at the Adelaide Fringe (Drama Llama at Rhino Room Fri 18 Feb – Sat 19 Feb: 7:30pm and Tue 22 Feb – Sat 26 Feb: 7:30pm then The Howling Owl Sat 19 Feb: 2pm and Sat 26 Feb: 2pm). Book at FringeTix

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