Australian Singer & Actor Adam Noviello On ‘HERETIC’

HERETIC, the debut single from Australian actor and singer Adam Noviello, is here! Celebrating gender queerness, and all gender nonconforming humans, Heretic is the new pop/ dance anthem set to ignite hearts, minds and dance floors. Heretic will be released by Global League Records on January 19 on all major streaming platforms with an accompanying music video featuring a cast entirely made up of non-binary/ gender fluid/ transgender/ gender nonconforming humans.

The lead singer of former Melbourne indie-pop band NOVELLO, and more recently as the featured artist on the Chantboys track It’s A Wonderful Life, Heretic serves as Adam’s debut single as a solo artist. Best known for their work on Australian stages, having starred in national and international production tours including Matilda The Musical, Priscilla: Queen of the Desert and Chess The Musical (to name a few), Adam is making their explosive return to the music scene. Heretic represents Adam’s celebration of their gender queerness. Adam speaks to Hi Fi Way about the single and more new music to come in 2022.

Happy New Year, are you feeling optimistic about the year ahead?
Same to you! I actually am. After everything we’ve been through, particularly as artists, there is finally a sense of hope and optimism that has been missing for quite the while. I, for one, am utterly thrilled to see live music back in full force, theatres open, and toilet paper shelves stocked. On a personal level I have a lot to be excited about for what I’m putting out this year. It’s going to be a ride, consider me strapped in.

Is the excitement starting to build for your debut single HERETIC?
It really is!! Every day when I speak to Luke (director of Global League Records) about the marketing campaign and the release date, the excitement levels go up another notch. Of course not many people have seen the music video or really heard the song before, but every artist that has been involved thus far has been so supportive and enthusiastic. It’s such an exciting time, truly.

Can you believe how much work has gone in to this single?
I mean, going in to this process I knew there’d be a lot of work, but f*** me! In saying that, looking back on everything that has been created thus far, it’s nice to think about how much time, heart and soul has been put in to it all. It’s all been worth it, and we haven’t even released yet. I can’t wait for people to hear the song and experience it.

What is the story behind the single?
Heretic is the story of my gender journey. One that I believe will resonate with every person living on the gender spectrum, but also with people living outside the “norm”. I wanted to write about my feelings of betraying the gender I was assigned. Feelings that a lot of people in the queer community are forced to combat. I have never fit in to the mould of what a “boy” is expected to be, and I simply don’t want to anymore. Heretic says, “I’m here. I’m fierce. I am.” The end.

How would you describe your music?
Moody, sexy, cabaret pop. Perfect for conservative family Christmas lunch!

Are there more singles planned for 2022, maybe an album or EP?
Absolutely! I have a six track EP in the wings ready to go, with a second single to come out before then. But all of our energy is currently on my debut single. Once people experience Heretic, and we let them in to my world, we shall give them more. Stay tuned!

Have you learnt a lot from being in musicals such as Matilda, Priscilla: Queen Of The Desert and Chess The Musical that has become important for your musical career?
Oh, definitely. My introduction to professional showbiz was musical theatre, and the industry has been so generous to me. I got my first role in a musical at twenty one and have been so fortunate to work pretty much consistently since then, albeit a few detours in to cabaret, film, music and a global pandemic. The greatest gifts musical theatre has given me is the importance of collaboration, creative trust and discipline. The show only goes on if people are focussed and dedicated. It’s the greatest feeling in the world to go on stage with other artists and take that leap. You hold hands (metaphorically or otherwise) and create an experience together for people. You’re an escapism provider. Music is the same. You’re creating art to make humans feel. How lucky we are to do that for people.

Who are some of your musical heroes that you look up to?
As a singer, my ultimate inspiration is Judy Garland. Judy sang from her entire heart. She became every song she sang, something for us all to aspire to. Other heroes would include David Bowie, Chet Baker, Lana Del Rey, James Blake, Lady Gaga, and Troye Sivan.

Are you looking to tour around the country this year?
I would love to! Writing and recording my songs has been a very long held dream, and now I have them all ready to go. So, yeah, let’s hit the road! I am super lucky to be debuting Heretic LIVE on January 23 at Midsumma Carnival Day in Melbourne.

What’s next for Adam Noviello?
Music music and more music! A second single is on the way, my debut EP will also drop and I’m working on a couple of other tracks with some peeps. Outside of that I am stoked to be performing in The Who’s musical ‘Tommy’ at The Palais in February, and also playing a role in Brittanie Shipway’s new play ‘Senser’ in September. Life is exciting!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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