Fit For An Autopsy ‘Oh What The Future Holds’

A mournful piano plays over a build up of orchestration – a menacing yet gentle beginning to the next 45 minutes of impending sonic bludgeoning – before vocalist Joseph Baldolato rips with a growl of Oh What The Future Holds and New Jersey’s Fit For An Autopsy sixth album welcome’s itself by tearing through your speakers.

This is different though, this future ventures into dark corridors of the bands soul never explored. The virus pushing the band into survival mode and this bands new album is full of spit, fight and rage.

Yet within the darkness there is light, melody and substance. New skills have been developed, fine tuned and crafted with military precision in preparation for this moment. New skills mean new styles and those styles shine throughout the album.

Lead single Far From Heaven shows how far the band have gone with a vicious vocal intent and a powder keg of a riff from guitarists Tim Howley and Will Putney mixed with the fire of Josean Orta Martinez’s drumming.

Fit For An Autopsy’s deathcore blood curdling screams are still the weapon of choice such as in tracks like In Shadows and Collateral Damage however the melodies and harmonies on the guitar work is a class above previous outputs.

The band had more time to work, tucked away at Putney’s Graphic Nature Audio studio, and that time is shown in tracks like Two Towers – with it’s ethereal vocals and progressive metal feel – and Savages which has an industrial beat underpinning a song that will force an audience into a frenzy of uncontrollable limbs when performed live.

The albums divergence into these unknown waters musically for the band do not undermine their extreme metal foundation, it enhances it. By the time Conditional Healing drops you’re primed and ready to scream ‘I’ll see you at a table in hell’ in a burst of expression and vexation.

What does the future hold for Fit For An Autopsy? Based on this album it’s a future as a leader in their field, pioneers of a new way of thinking and delivering their message. A band that has evolved into something new, more dangerous, powerful and ready to destroy your speakers.

Album Review By Iain McCallum

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