Karise Eden Returns With New Single ‘My Old Friend’

Celebrated Australian artist Karise Eden returns with her first new music of 2021. The self-penned single My Old Friend is a track which showcases her exceptional vocal and song writing skills. It is the first track to come from a new EP set for release in early 2022. It has been three years since Karise released any new music, this new track book-ending with her third solo album Born To Fight, which was released in November 2018. My Old Friend outlines subject matter that people will be able to relate to in different ways. It’s a journey of loss, acceptance, growth and ultimately coming full circle.

Karise Eden has spent the last few years working through the process of gaining freedom and independence as an artist. With her new music she can communicate directly with her fans and do things her way, in a manner which is meaningful and significant. Welcome, My Old Friend. Karise tells Hi Fi Way more about the single.

Congratulations on the new single and welcome back. It must be a great feeling to have new music out?
Yes, it’s amazing. Very happy to be able to release something new into the world.

Over the last few years has it taken a while to work out the artist you want to be and the music you want to make?
Coming into the music scene back in 2012, I’ve been a touring singer-songwriter and guitarist for over fifteen years now (starting back when I was a teenager performing at local festivals and venues) yet trying to break the narrative that I’m not a cover singer has been difficult within the music industry. It’s very nice to be writing and releasing my own music at this time in my career.

Do you feel the shackles are off now and there is less pressure to write chart singles?
Yes,​a lot more now. I feel there is clarity and more than ever, I’m writing for myself​ and my audience now and I can’t wait to share more of these new songs I’ve been working on. Stay tuned!

During COVID have you found that you have been more creative and written more songs?
Yes and no, but then again, home life for me is pretty hands on 24/7! There is part of me that’s enjoyed not having to pack my bags to go on tour and knowing I was going to be home for my children more. I kind of put music on the back bench there, but now feels like the right time to get back into it, especially with new material to share with my audiences.

What is the story behind the single My Old Friend?
Like many,​I’ve lost a few people over the years that I was incredibly close to. It’s a song about moving through Grief, which is a tricky emotion. But I hope my audience can listen along, relate to it in their own way and perhaps raise a glass to those we love so dearly who are no longer with us.

Did you find the process quite therapeutic writing this song?
For this song in particular, it was more of a hurdle to jump, but I made it. I wrote it, and now it’s out for all to hear.

Sonically, how would you describe the rest of the EP?
If you ask me – a mixture of Blues, Southern Rock, Americana with a nice ballad thrown in the mix. If you ask my producer – Raw, loud, distorted and powerfully vulnerable.

Are you looking to tour over the summer including little ‘ole Adelaide?
Yes, I’d love too – nothing booked there yet, and I haven’t been there in quite a few years, but would be lovely to come back and hopefully that will be next year. I do have some shows coming up over summer though around Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland. Best place to keep up to date is my website https://www.kariseeden.com.au

How will Karise Eden celebrate Christmas?
A nice meal, time spent with family, listening to music, singing, watching the kids ride their motorbikes. It’s always lovely out here where I live.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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