Mason Watts Is On His Way With ‘The Afterlove’ EP

Mason Watts has released his debut EP The Afterlove, a collection of songs that found the young Toowoomba artist go from his bedroom studio to writing and recording with some of the biggest song writing names in the world right now.

Inspired by artists like James Bay and Lewis Capaldi, Mason decided he would send a “Hail Mary” letter to the man who worked with those very artists, Edd Holloway. It worked! Mason was soon on a plane to the UK to start working on his songs with Edd in the sleepy English town of Hitchin (just north of London). The result was his debut single Recovery and it’s follow up single Sanctuary. The budding songwriter is on his way. Mason answers a few questions about the EP for Hi Fi Way.

Congratulations on the album, how challenging has the last eighteen months or so have been on you in terms of getting the EP done?
Covid was definitely an unforeseen hurdle, but it forced my collaborators and I to get extra creative with our approach, which resulted in something very special to me. I ended up recording a fair chunk of the vocals in my parents basement actually, it allowed me to get super vulnerable! I hope fans can feel that. All in all, It’s made the project what it is and I’m super proud of this record. 

How hard was it narrowing it down to seven songs?
Honestly it was pretty easy! I’ve got plenty more unreleased music that didn’t quite make the cut, but the songs that you hear made cohesive sense to me. The hardest part was choosing the track listing. 

Sonically, how would you describe The Afterlove?
For the most part The Afterlove is a collection of ballads that pack a punch! My goal was to be vulnerable and relatively transparent with what I was saying, whilst still landing somewhere that kept an audience engaged front to back. 

What was the biggest lesson learnt in the studio you wouldn’t repeat again?
That more doesn’t necessarily mean bigger… sometimes letting a song breathe will have the same effect. 

Did COVID force you to work any differently?
Definitely! As I mentioned earlier a big part of the record ended up being recorded in my parents basement. It also forced me into a lot of song writing and production sessions over zoom. 

What did you think when you played the final mix back for the first time?
Initially I wanted to make a load of changes, but after sitting with it I realised the imperfections just added to my original mission statement… being vulnerable. At a certain point you need to lock away your inner songwriter and enjoy the piece of art for what it is. 

Is it hard to listen to your music like a fan would without thinking what you could tweak or change?
I think I pretty well covered this in the above! Haha 

Which artists/bands would you consider to be some of the biggest influences in shaping the EP?
John Mayer, Finneas and Lewis Capaldi. 

How much are you looking forward to getting the green light to be able to tour and play shows?
I cannot express how excited and nervous I am to take this project on the road after what seems like forever. Whilst creating the record I constantly had in mind how it would be received in a live setting. So I’m very keen to finally get the chance to make that a reality. 

What’s next for Mason Watts?
More music, more shows and some laughs along the way!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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