Karnivool Drop Surprise New Track “All It Takes”

Already a band who wilfully eschew traditional releases, Karnivool have released their new single All It Takes. Appearing unannounced – All It Takes resets the cycle for Karnivool.

The song is very much worth the wait. Originally conjured in their studio in Perth, All It Takes was re-worked live, re-recorded then mixed by producer Forrester Savell, mastered by Forensic Audio and features artwork by Jim Kazanjian.

All It Takes is the first part of a larger project they continue to wrestle into existence. That said, Karnivool also released their Decade of Sound Awake Blu-ray into stores now, which closes with a thundering live rendition of the song from the Heath Ledger Theatre, filmed in their hometown of Perth earlier in 2021. The peerless prog rockers were recently announced as the headliner of the new Monolith Festival in Australia in 2022 and have unfinished business with the rescheduled Regeneration tour of Europe through May.

Doing what the f*ck they want, when they want and how they want may be the reason why their intermittent output has assembled an enormous worldwide congregation whose collective Christmas arrived real early this year. Content without content, unsocial, mining their own seam, sound remains the factor that holds it together for this band of perfectionists and All It Takes is a welcome nugget in their existing creative gold mine. Dig in.

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