Csöke Returns To The Spotlight With New Single ‘I Think I’m Falling’

Sydney songwriter CSÖKE returns to the spotlight with a captivating new single I Think I’m Falling. In this new track she navigates lyrical territory centred on vulnerability, and being open to new experiences and creative influences. ‘I Think I’m Falling’ was recorded and produced at multi-instrumentalist and producer Chelsea Warner’s home studio in Sydney, before being sent to Tahlia-Rose Coleman for mastering at 301 Studios. Unlike previous releases, this emotional new single from CSÖKE has an all female team working on the release. ‘I Think I’m Falling’ brings heart and soul together with Chelsea’s production flair; a musical touch similar to artists such as Tove Lo, Kehlani, and Dua Lipa. Find out more about the single in our Q&A with Csöke.

How has the build-up been leading up to the release of your new single I Think I’m Falling?
The build-up to this track has been a slow burn but worth the wait. I had written I Think I’m Falling about a year ago, so it’s been sitting with me for a good year. In that time I left my old management & label, moved cities and found myself again. By the time it came to finally release it I was very ready to let everyone hear it.

Sonically, how would you describe your music? ​​
Empowering, dreamy, slightly nostalgic with a hint of spice.

Who would you consider to be the biggest influence on your music and why?
Oh that’s a hard one. I would have to say Lady Gaga, somewhat for the genre but mostly because of who she is. She is versatile with her music and doesn’t stick to any one genre, fashion or job. She inspires me to think outside my norm, try new things and not get in my own head of “This is your lane”. My lane is whatever I want it to be and my music is my expression. I can go outside ‘my genre’ if that’s where it leads me. Also she is just a beautiful human in every way.

Best piece of advice you have been given?
Do Justly, Love mercy an walk humbly. It’s a phrase my mum has always said to me and something I try to live by.

What’s next for Csöke?
What’s next for Csöke is a lot more songs, I didn’t release for over a year so I have a bit to make up for; and of course getting back on the stage again.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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