The Buckleys Bring The ‘Boogie Woogie Santa Claus’

The holiday season is just around the corner and Byron Bay siblings, The Buckleys have released their ‘Studio 54’ inspired take on the Christmas classic, Boogie Woogie Santa Claus. After another year of challenges and lockdowns, The Buckleys decided to end the year on a high note and re-created a Christmas classic with their own unique Rock n Roll twist – Boogie Woogie Santa Claus. Boogie Woogie Santa Claus was originally released in 1948 by Mabel Scott and most famously performed by Patti Page in 1950. The Buckleys chose the Christmas classic for its uptempo, fun, dance vibes and feel-good beat to bring everyone a Rockin’ Christmas! Be sure to tune from 7pm tonight on 7two and 7plus for the Adelaide Christmas Carols which is being done virtually for a second year. Molly, Sarah and Lachlan tell Hi Fi Way more about the single.

How challenging has 2021 been for The Buckleys, especially after a breakout year in 2020 with your debut album?
It’s been an interesting one to navigate, to say the least. I’m sure every artist and everyone in the world actually have been feeling that way. But we really tried our best to keep productive, record a lot, write a lot and just keep things moving as much as we can from home.

Do you take all those learnings from this year and all those tests of personal resilience and put together your plan for what you hope to try and achieve next year?
Molly: It’s been a big two years of self-realisation and growing and really like putting things into perspective, I feel like. I mean things that you probably take for granted before, all the lockdowns you really appreciate now, like going to see like music, going to see friends and catching up with people, dancing, singing. So we definitely like appreciate those little things, being able to catch a plane.
Sarah: I feel like a lot of artists exploring all of that emotion and those experiences into their next projects and bodies work which will be really interesting to hear the art that comes out of this time.

Losing your mentor Chris Murphy so early in the year as well, was that a hard thing to refocus and keep the wheels turning?
Molly: Chris Murphy was just our guardian angel from the day that we met him, signing us to Petrol Records and we’ve special taken on all of his wisdom and the things, it was so incredibly grateful to have him have been such an integral and central part of our entire journey that we’ll feel that for the rest of our lives. Taking on all that wisdom and things that he taught us and the incredible team at Petrol Records and Universal Music that he is left with us that built for us is, we just want to go on and make him proud.

Releasing a Christmas single that must be a bit of a buzz to bring something out that’s pretty energetic, uplifting and positive given the year that we’ve all had collectively?
Molly: Yeah, definitely. That was our intention with this song as we wanted to put something out, especially that people can dance to. Because we’re back to dancing and dance floors are back up and running we want to put so out that people can move to.
Lachlan: That’s just good energy to it and it’s fun to play with us as well because we used to play like ten years ago when we were kids, now we’re recording it and releasing it as our own single. It’s pretty awesome thing to do.
Sarah: It was our first kind of recording that we’ve done officially from home. So Lachlan engineered it from here in the Nolan Rivers. Now we had the other half recorded over in Nashville, with some amazing horn players, brass players, and a band over there as well. It was cool to be able to do it from two other different parts of the world.

It’s quite amazing that you can be different sides of the world and you can pull together a single relatively quickly?
Molly: It is definitely amazing. Something I guess it has come out of the past two years that has been cool to see, to make happen as well. Song writing, I’ve been writing with some international songwriters from Sweden and Mexico. In some ways, opening up some more international opportunities in a different way than just being on the ground has been really interesting.

Was it a bit of a challenge trying to find the right sort of Christmas song to do initially, or was the one that you ended up picking the inevitable choice?
It sounds like, we’re doing a Christmas song. Let’s do this one!
Molly: I think they were definitely songs we were tossing up between a couple but, Boogie Woogie Santa Claus has always been a song that we’ve played as a family as well.
Lachlan: We just love it.
Sarah: Like a concert Christmas song. We first heard it from Brian Setzer over in States, Brian Setzer Orchestra play it. It’s this Rockabilly song. We just wanted to put our own spin on it and we have so many different flavours in there, with this horn section from Nashville that are amazing. I feel like it’s a really authentic like forties, fifties horn brass arrangement, which is really cool. Then we have our own rock guitar and there’s so many different elements we threw into this to really make it different, which is really fun to do.

Is this the song that you’re going to be playing virtually for the Adelaide Christmas Carols on Sunday?
Yes, it is. Super stoked to be a part of the Adelaide Carols by Candlelight. Very exciting.

Is that going to be a bit of a weird feeling playing virtually to an event that pre-COVID would have thirty thousand there? Is it hard to replicate that same feel?
It’ll be interesting. That’s been the last two years is, learning how to do those virtual events making them really count. I feel like it’s a different task, but we’re always up for it and just connecting with people in any way that we can and hopefully get them dancing and moving from their lounge rooms or wherever they’re watching from.

Great news that there’s a new album in the works. That must be pretty exciting to be able to back up what was an awesome debut with something new next year?
Yeah. We are so excited to get back in the studio, get back to the States and write, just do heaps of co-writing and just kind of create another piece of our journey, that might just grow the band. We are just so excited to create a new project.

Sonically, do you think it’s going to be much of a departure from what know and love or is it still a bit too early to tell?
Molly: A lot of people have asked us that. It’s hard to explain because we have the vision of what we know or where we think the direction is going to head. It’s hard to explain, it’s not going to be like a complete guitar, but it’s definitely an evolution into the next chapter of where we’re going. Sarah: There are certain things that are always just embedded in our sounds, what we just have been doing since we started playing music; song writing, so heavily in to the storytelling in that country music type of roots. So, that’ll always be with us, I think. It doesn’t matter where we go we’ll always have that flavour. We’re just so excited to explore different sounds and really just go for it.

Have any specific influences helped shape your new album?
Molly: I’ll tell you, Powerhouse women of the eighties.

Oh yeah, a bit of Pat Benetar Hit Me With Your Best Shot?
Sarah: Oh. I love Pat Benetar. We did get into a lot of Blondie and Joan Jett over lockdown.

In terms of touring are there plans for next years including Adelaide?
Molly: Oh, definitely. We definitely have to tour plans in the works and we just can’t wait to get on the road and bring people our live show. Hopefully get to Adelaide in the new year at some point.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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Tune in to the Adelaide Christmas Carols to see their performance of Boogie Woogie Santa Claus this Sunday 12 December at 7pm on 7two and 7plus from 7pm.

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