Wes King On His Debut EP ‘Easy Art’

British indie rock solo artist Wes King is on a mission. His debut four track EP is an outstanding collection of new songs from the talented recording artist and producer, who branched out from his role as the songwriter and lead vocalist of the group Tres Kings earlier this year and has gone on to carve out what has become an instantly successful solo career. With Tres Kings having been among the first bands to record at the Albion Rooms (The Libertines HQ), and also featured on KMTV, Wes played at Neverworld and Bearded Theory Festivals, and has been billed alongside artists such as Craig David, Tom Grennan and The Vaccines.

Since debut single Living Strange was released to critical acclaim in February this year, he has received support from BBC Introducing and has been highly praised by the UK music press. Wes’ solo career has continued to impress, with the follow up Loaded Gun promising incredible things to come, all of which culminated in the release of the brilliant new debut EP Easy Art, which includes the track Somebody featuring Bea King (no relation!). Wes answers a few questions about his debut EP for Hi Fi Way.

Congratulations on your debut EP, how did you celebrate the release?
Thank you. I was a bit silly and ended up releasing the EP and moving into my new house on the same day. So we celebrated with a few bottles of wine and paint rollers. I’m not sure what I would have done without PR. Shout out to Moon Man PR!

Sonically, how would you describe your music to Australian music fans?
A love child between Oasis and Arctic monkeys.

Was it hard narrowing those four songs that best represent you now?
The writing process was so fast so I’d say it was pretty easy narrowing it down. I wouldn’t say these songs best represent me or what I’m going for but it’s getting close. It definitely feels like these songs had to come out before I found that signature sound. There’s one tune on the EP I don’t care for but I won’t tell you which one. You could probably guess what song it is out of the four. I’m happy with the songs overall though. They’re down to earth. The lyrics are decent, they’re catchy and more importantly, I don’t think I’ll ever look back on them and think ‘what was I playing at.’

Are you building towards an album next year?
I continued writing new tunes as soon as this EP was released and I will say personally, I think they are something else. A lot more grounded and I think people are going to love them. I’ve found it easier to write songs as I’ve got older and they are flying out. So yes an album is definitely on the cards.

Has it been harder working on music in a COVID landscape?
I’ve always made music in my bedroom/home studio so Covid hasn’t really affected me when it comes to music.

Who are some of your musical heroes you look up to?
I think I’m more inspired by up coming artists and bands rather than the stars. I’ve always looked up to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones just like any artist who’s ever lived. I like so many different types of music. I’m inspired by it all really.

Are there lessons learnt from making the EP you are conscious not to repeat when making the album?
Yes, big ones. To be honest I’m pretty happy with the songs for the most part. I usually can’t listen to them for a while once they’ve been released. I pick it apart and notice what I don’t like. After all, a song is never finished. The production definitely needs to improve. I can’t wait to record the new songs. I’ll definitely be putting a lot more time in to the overall sound.

With all the challenges of 2020 and 2021 what is the biggest thing you have learnt about yourself and your own resilience?
I’ve messed about with different sounds and different ways to sing and play. The songs on this EP are so different and diverse but I’m working towards something a bit more grounded. I’m confident I’ve found that new sound now. I don’t want to come across as a copy of other bands. I think it’s important to go through this process to find yourself as an artist. It has been for me anyway.

What’s next for Wes King?
I’m looking forward to a little break from gigs. It’s been a mad year. I want to slowly back away from doing cover gigs in pubs and focus on the original material. I always slip my own songs in wherever I play and people can tell I’m more into it, and to be honest, they seem to prefer it. That’s when the phone cameras come out. I’m in the process of getting a band together. I’m looking forward to bringing other people on the journey with me.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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