Sydney’s Loretta Talk Heartbreak Pop On New Single

As they continue to unveil a deeper insight into their next full collection of music, Sydney’s Loretta give fans another taste: this time in new track when i saw u. Following on from some stellar releases in 2021 with Late Night and Bad Luck, the trio demonstrate consistency and depth when it comes to their song writing and elevated approach to producing music with When I Saw You.

Loretta have become known for indie music interwoven with alt-pop tones that can oscillate easily between the brighter glimmering modes of The 1975 and the driving pop stylings of acts like LANY, No Rome and The Neighborhood. With a song like when i saw u, Loretta remains in a space focused on love and the nuances of relationships, yet here they dive deeper on themes of acceptance and self-realisation. The band gives Hi Fi Way greater insight to their new single.

Were there plenty of high fives when your single when i saw u was finished and released to the world?
Yeah we were stoked. It’s always a daunting period between finishing the music and when it comes out but it’s always a good feeling when your music drops. I think we had also been out all night and got matching tattoos that day so the vibes were high.

Did the band learn a lot about making music being apart under lockdown but still getting the job done?
We were fortunate enough to have a studio we could still go and work out of however it definitely made things harder. We really just forced ourselves to get the work done however we could and we found new ways to do things for sure.

Have the recent lockdowns tested your own personal resilience?
100%. We’ve all had our own personal battles throughout it all and not having that social outlet impacted that heavily, safe to say were feeling strong now.

What is the story behind the single?
It’s about having to end things with the person you love the most in the world. You move on and time goes by, but when you see them again it’s all like nothing happened because of how much they mean to you.

How hands on were the band in making the video?
Everyone was a huge part of it. Chris [Lanzon] and Nico developed the idea for the video and basically shot it the next day. We all were there to help and had to pump through the day because we didn’t have a lot of time, but we got it done. Everyone at the shoot felt like a part of the band and helped bring the music to life.

Are there plans for more new music, maybe an album or EP?
Next year is going to be huge for us and this isn’t the last thing we’re going to put out this year.

Sonically, how would you describe the music of Loretta?
It’s tricky trying to describe your own music but one word we could use to describe it would be something along the lines of nostalgic sound. It feels like a little bit of each of us and all of our influences of music we listened to growing up.

Are there plans to tour extensively over the summer where you can?
From February 2022 we’re starting an east-coast Australian tour and we’ll end up back at the Oxford Arts Factory in March. We just sold out our Lansdowne show for the 2nd of December and are really looking forward to playing proper shows again, they’re all going to be huge.

What’s next for Loretta?
A lot more music and bigger shows.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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