Kyan Burns Continues Her Upward Trajectory With New Single “Guess”

A South Australian vocalist with a focus on creating music that feels characterful and energetic, Kyan Burns has been on the music scene for twenty years, and has worked with a wide variety of talented musicians. Her balance sound captures the essence of timeless pop/ rock and she is heavily involved in the creative and production elements of her music. Kyan’s powerful sound is hard-hitting and commanding, melodic and contagious. Having been compared to the likes of Jewell and Pink, Kyan Burns is one to watch in music. Now, hit off the heels of her debut single So I’m Telling You released back in June Kyan is back with her new single Guess which is out now. Kyan drops by to answer a few questions about the single.

How exciting has the build up to the release of your second single Guess?
The build up to Guess has been hugely exciting as there has been so much time and effort into recording & releasing this song and creating the film clip to go with it. After a great response to So I’m Telling You I was so nervous about how people would react to Guess as it is so different.

Are you excited about your upcoming launch show?
I don’t currently have a launch show planned as I did a big launch event for So I’m Telling You which included a sneak peak to Guess. I plan to release an EP in 2022, so I think I’ll hold off until then for another launch event. I did manage to celebrate the release with the crew involved as well as friends & family, so it was an intimate celebration.

Can you believe on reflection how much work goes into the release of new music?
I don’t think I was ever prepared for the amount of work that goes into the release of new music. When I started on this journey I had no concept of how it all just snowballs, but I am so proud of all the hard work & everything I’ve achieved so far. With every hurdle it just pushes me to work harder and get more creative. I’m just going to ride the wave & see where it all ends up.

What is the story behind the single?
The song is a cheeky tune about being able to be yourself & not to judge a book by its cover. I definitely wanted to let audiences see a different side to me after the release of So I’m I’m Telling you & I thought this was the perfect song to express that with.

Has the whole COVID situation made things difficult working on and releasing new music?
I actually feel that covid may have made it somewhat easier to work on new music. I found myself playing less live gigs, so it gave me an opportunity to focus on recording original music as I had spare time which I otherwise wouldn’t have had. So as terrible as Covid has been in every other aspect, it was probably somewhat of a blessing here.

Sonically, how would you describe your music?
I would describe my music as a pop/rock vibe. I have been told there’s a bit of country in there too, but that’s not intentional. I guess that might come from my Nana. I love belting out a big rock tune, but at the same time I’m a sucker for an emotional ballad.

Who are some of your musical heroes that you look up to?
Firstly, my Nana Zets Burns who is still performing at 93 years old. She’s an absolute legend. Also, my big musical influences over the years have been women in rock such as Suze DeMarchi & Chrissy Amphlett. Also Jewel as she has had such a crazy & interesting life and I love all of her music. I like to think I’m a bit of a mix between these women.

Are there plans for an album or an EP?
Yes, I have plans to start working on an EP early next year.

Are you feeling optimistic about being able to play more shows over the summer?
Somewhat. I have some shows booked that I’m looking forward to, just gotta keep our fingers crossed that Covid doesn’t interfere with them.

What’s something that most people wouldn’t know about Kyan Burns?
The constant self doubt. I’m always questioning whether I should have done more or done things better. But I guess that’s probably something that a lot of people deal with on a daily basis. I have to remind myself to breathe and just try to appreciate how far I’ve come.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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