The Whitlams Power Trio @ The Gov, Adelaide 28/10/2021

Each live gig right now is definitely a gift and that could be said for The Whitlams Power Trio who were at the end of their run of SA shows playing their last show at The Gov before playing venturing up to Renmark to finish the SA Tour. Hats of to the band in making this tour work after rescheduling. Change seems to be the only constant right now and it was great to see The Whitlams touring as a trio. Tim Freedman and Terepai Richmond was joined by Ian Peres (ex Wolfmother) on bass playing a set of old and new.

Opening with Charlie No. 1 was then followed by Ballad Of Bertie Kidd and the mood was great in the home of live music, The Gov. Crowd favourite Blow Up The Pokies got the crowd singing along and Feedman said that after a three night season ending that we needed to pull the excitement because we’re making him feel fifty again. This moment served perfectly as the intro to (You’re Making Me Feel Like I’m) 50 Again minus the horse racing references. Freedman spoke with great delight about the new album that is coming out in January called Sancho (their first in fourteen years) promising that tonight’s show would be a mix of old and new. Judging by the new songs played I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

Fall For You was a great and new song Sancho will no doubt be a set staple as well as a dedication to honour the memory of their former tour manager who sadly passed. Feedman mentioned that there was too many sad songs and wanted to write a happy song to visualise Sancho air drumming and dancing indicating that it was a good gig. Similarly, Sancho In Love was another happy song. Funnily, Freedman said that he loved the late show cause you can’t get drunk and ruin the early show. An old chap down the front “Lionel” who had the fashion smarts and the grooves caught Freedman’s eye before taking a short break to rectify some technical problems suggesting that “the more you drink the better we sound”.

Thankyou (For Loving Me At My Worst) was great and Gough was dedicated to the seven people who saw them at the Uni Bar in 1994. Speaking about his ‘opinionated’ partner who wanted him to come up with less songs about criminals, sad guys and sad criminals which led in to In The Last Life. Plenty of smiles hearing Buy Now Pay Later (Charlie No. 2), Keep The Light On and new single Man About A Dog. It’s been a while since I’ve heard anti-Olympic song Love This City and forgotten gem off Eternal Nightcap in Up Against The Wall. The crowd went nuts for No Aphrodisiac and hot damn End Of Your World from Undeniably The Whitlams was thrown in the set.

The main set finished in a blaze of glory with I Make Hamburgers and You Sound Like Louis Burdett. The crowd were definitely wanting more and The Whitlams Power Trio returned for an encore starting with the Beauty In Me dragging up to the stage Lionel who got his moment to dance to much applause. Interrupting Freedman and prompting for something more ‘upbeat’ with more of a ‘back beat’ the band reverted to I Will Not Go Quietly. Fantastic finish to the night and the crowd were definitely pleased to get their fill of live music. Can’t wait for the album…

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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