Open Homes @ OzAsia Festival, Klemzig SA 23/10/2021

Artist Jeffrey Tan has brought to the Oz Asia Festival the Open Homes concept giving audiences a sneak peek into the everyday lives of six Asian Australians. Strangers are invited into their homes where personal stories of good or challenging as well as the journey of settling in Australia. In the case of Filipina Lucy Rivera Lopez we were invited into her home with an abundance of warmth and an infectious energy of song and joy.

From the moment Lucy greeted us in her front yard her smile was contagious mesmerising us with poignant and entertaining stories of the most important figure in her early childhood, her mother. A small garden near the driveway is her way of remembering her mother and keeping her close to her heart. Such small details like the garden gave the audience an insight to Lucy’s bubbly optimistic personality as well as showing the homage for her family back in the Philippines. While she may have made a new life in Adelaide, Australia her Filipino roots are still strong and she has adapted between the two worlds with contentment.

Lucy tells her journey with such joy and passion. Arriving with her husband, love may have brought her to Australia for new possibilities and adventures but her sheer determination got her to this point in life. Working in diverse careers it wasn’t hard to be in awe of her resilience through adversity. Proclaiming with pride she worked al ALL the factories she managed move on to modelling, singing and as a security guard. She had many interesting stories to tell working in security and this pint size pocket rocket would’ve been a force to be reckoned!

Australia for Me with Lucy Rivera Lopez was enchanting and delightful. The OzAsia Open Homes show showcases the great value immigrants have given to the Australian psyche. They are private and intimate but filled with an untapped education of how real people and have lived the real sometimes hard and sometimes easy lives after coming to a new land.

Thank you Lucy for sharing your stories.

OzAsia Review By Anastasia Lambis

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