The Superjesus @ The Gov, Adelaide 1/10/2021

One thing that must be commended is the fighting spirit of The Superjesus. With tours and shows either being rescheduled or cancelled this band was hell bent on making some of their tour happen even if it was with reduced capacities. With four WA shows in the bank it was onward to Adelaide with the notion that “every gig is like a gig”. For many who were there, myself included, it was a fantastic just to be out and savouring every moment of The Superjesus live experience. Until something is taken away you don’t realise how much you really to miss going to shows.

It was an energetic Friday night crowd who were ready to kick off the long weekend in fine fashion albeit seated and no dancing but that didn’t seem to matter. The band walked out a bit excited forgetting the intro tape but it didn’t matter as they opened with Over To You and this gig was actually happening! Secret Agent Man followed when Sarah McLeod explained that the show was all about Jet Age with the album being played in its entirety but not necessarily that order. There was a bit of a hint that the order was mixed up due to guitar tunings to make them work live. Fall To Rescue was changed up a bit to fit the live set.

It isn’t until you to hear Jet Age that you realise how great an album it is. In Harms Way, Everything Turns were solid moments as was the dark dirty blues riffs in Checking In. Following Enough To Know McLeod did a run through the crowd during the rocky Holy Water. McLeod spoke about losing a song writer in the band and buying a book on how to write songs which led perfectly in to the song Everyone Calls Me Lonely, a hidden track on Jet Age, that has never been played live before this tour.

Coming back for an encore there was a mini-celebration of sorts with a fan making a Jet Age cake before playing big single and crowd sing-a-long Second Sun. Great song! Stick Together was fantastic and The Gin Blossoms cover Hey Jealously was a pleasant surprise. Gravity was another big moment in the set and it was pleasing to hear McLeod’s gratitude about being able to play what shows they have been able to so far saying “we need this, it’s tribal!” We couldn’t agree more about live music and how important it is in nourishing the souls of live music fans. The night was topped off with Down Again which wrapped a bit night at The Gov. Be sure to grab tickets for their return show on October 29.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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