Light Cycles, Illuminate Adelaide @ Botanic Gardens Until 22 August 2021

In Adelaide, we are lucky that after a brief pause Illuminate Adelaide is going ahead with many of the shows now extended until the 22nd of August and some rescheduled later in the year.

Light Cycles at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens which I was fortunate enough to see is very popular. The night I went each session was sold out but it was still very easy to get around. I found the crowd very respectful and everyone kept their masks on and kept an appropriate distance apart. It takes at least 60 minutes to fully enjoy the experience. As you walk through the well-lit path you are presented with sections of the Gardens that very cleverly use the different types of plants, trees, water features, and buildings to create a brilliant visual and sound experience.

One of my favourite sections was the “Crystal Grove” which had a massive amount of lights spread out in a grove that lit up in waves. The other section that was a highlight for me was the “Reflection Lake” which used lasers to light up the lake and surrounding trees. I stayed to see that for 2 of its cycles. The final section was “The Hearth” which used our iconic Palm House as the backdrop for a spectacular light display with uplifting music.

I have been to the Botanic Gardens many times before but after experiencing Light Cycles I realized that there were many areas that I had not seen and it gave me an increased appreciation for the Gardens. It is excellent that in these times the crowds are getting behind Illuminate Adelaide. The rest of the week is nearly sold out so make sure you get a ticket before it ends on 22 August. I am looking forward to seeing the Van Gogh Experience next week and the rescheduled Avalanches in October.

Illuminate Adelaide Review By Richard De Pizzol

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