The Superjesus To Rock Adelaide

Anyone growing up with Australian music in the 90’s would be familiar with the band The Superjesus. Their first record Sumo soured onto the scene with a mighty thud, landing firmly at number two on the ARIA album charts . Closely followed up by the platinum selling chart topper Jet Age which this tour is celebrating, sporting the hits Gravity, Secret Agent Man, Enough To Know and Second Sun.

Twenty years later the band are ready to jet set into the future with their double decade anniversary celebration performance, JET AGE into the 21st CENTURY. This promises to be an amazing journey , travelling through time to present the Jet Age album revamped for a new generation. The show will span over two sets consisting of Jet Age in it’s entirety followed by a greatest hits set. Stuart Rudd speaks to Hi Fi Way about the challenges of getting this tour under way and also hinted at new music which isn’t too far off.

Hats off to the band to try and make the Adelaide leg work!
Thanks man! You know what? If it was on paper you would not do it, the numbers just won’t work but we thought we were committed to doing it so we thought half of it is better than nothing. We have had to cancel New South Wales and Victoria as well.

Managing the business side of shows must be difficult?
We are all suffering with this pandemic, the numbers aren’t there with reduced capacities and trying to get a band across the border and stuff like that. In saying that we did go to Western Australia and we’re committed to Adelaide with three quarters of us living here. It was a no brainer with that one.

What was the feeling getting back on stage on the weekend?
It was fantastic, really good and the crowds were great. We had a lot of people thanking us for coming and playing because they are also starved of music at the minute. It was a really good feeling and something we obviously want to get a lot more of. Fingers crossed that isn’t too far off where we can do more.

Are you feeling more optimistic about touring and having greater capacity at shows?
I think we are heading in the right direction and it won’t be too far away where it will be ok. I am optimistic, I guess you have to be to a certain degree.

How frustrating is it with the lack of government support for the music industry?
Prior to this happening we had the fires, we had the floods and we were being asked to come over and do this show, we did a couple of shows to raise money for the flood and fire victims the COVID hit and all our gigs got cancelled. We could not do one show and it left us in an incredibly vulnerable position because we were asked to help out and we are happy to do that and support that but when the shoe was on the other foot it felt like it went up our arse with a boot.

Talking about Jet Age I still remember the live show you did in Rundle Mall many moons ago and how you were trying to pose for photos taken by your mum?
Ha! That’s right, it was a brilliant time keeping mind also at that what we lost a guitarist coming off the back of Sumo and toured solidly for two years on that album, going back in to write we lost one of our main songwriters Chris Tennent. So to pick up a new guitarist and reshuffle the band then come out with Jet Age was incredibly liberating for us as a band which gave us a lot of confidence. It was incredibly exciting.

Were there any other moments from that period that really stood out for you?
I think writing and getting Jet Age out especially with the whole second album blues, we were under a lot of pressure to come out with something at that point to work with the record company to try and push the boundaries a bit more. Getting the album out in general was exciting for me and being a part of that. It was a good optimistic time for the band.

Are there plans for new music when this COVID haze passes?
We have been writing new music over the last year and we are planning on putting something out. What we are writing is really exciting and we’re really happy with it.

Is the sound taking another step up and rocking a bit harder?
Definitely a bit of both, we’re bringing in different instruments and pushing ourselves as musicians. That’s always fun to do being able to challenge yourself. We are trying to push boundaries that way ourselves.

Sarah is amazing and she continues to take her own performance to higher level?
She is doing a great job and is always hard at work learning on the piano and writing songs on a piano yet making it that Superjesus sound.

After these Adelaide shows what is plan for The Superjesus?
We have a couple of dates in there, song writing will continue and we’ll reset from there. We’ll have a look at where we are at and play a few more shows if we can otherwise we may shutdown for this year, not sure yet. We are being dictated to by the powers that be.

Interview By Rob Lyon

Superjesus second Adelaide show on Friday October 29 is on sale now at The Gov

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