Halfway Charlie To Rock The Gov This Saturday

In 2014, just after finishing school, three high school mates from the south of Adelaide picked up their instruments and started playing Arctic Monkeys and Red Hot Chili Peppers covers for the internet. Kyle, Scott and Eddie had a mellow unplugged sound but it was quite ‘floppy’ and drumless. This was until after their first gig when they were approached by a man full of enthusiasm, Andrew ‘Peach’ Petrie, who had an incredible talent for talking while aggressively devouring plates of chicken wings.

It wasn’t long before Peach was drumming for ‘the Charlies’. Buzzy is the second single off Halfway Charlie’s second EP, Florence Street. Four-piece indie-alternative-psychedelic rock band Halfway Charlie will be bringing their act to The Gov on the Saturday 25 September. Playing songs old and new, the way they were meant to be heard- live and loud. Scott answers some questions about the upcoming show this Saturday.

Are you pumped to be playing The Gov this Saturday coming?
Absolutely! It’s one of our favourite live venues in SA and has hosted a lot of great bands. We regularly attend gigs there and it’s gonna be awesome to be able to play up on the famous semi-circle stage.

Going up against the AFL Grand Final must be tough?
Yeah – the AFL asked us to play their halftime show Perth but we figured it was beneath us, and opted for The Gov instead! In all seriousness, we’re not too concerned – there doesn’t seem to be a large amount of overlap with the interest of our audience when it comes to music vs footy (may have been a different story if Port got up though!).

Will there be live score checks during the night?
Haven’t planned any but maybe we’ll work them into the song lyrics!

What can punters expect to hear on the night?
All sorts really! Yorke Heath has a really unique hard-folk type of sound. LOLA from what we’ve seen are an absolute party on the stage, and Halfway Charlie will be playing a broad catalogue of old and new alternative rock songs! Most of which can be found on all the channels (Spotify, YouTube, etc.)

Any surprise covers in the set?
I’m not sure about Yorke and LOLA, but Halfway Charlie have a modern aussie classic cover in the middle of the set, and perhaps another surprise one at the end…

Is the band working on new music for an album/EP?
Sure are! We’re planning the release of our second EP in October some time – to be confirmed soon… we’re always writing, so there’s material for record #3 in the works!

Sonically how would you describe Halfway Charlie?
This is always the most difficult question, and ‘alternative rock’ is always too broad! We have many influences and they leak through all over the place, some notable ones might be Arctic Monkeys, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Mac Demarco. We also pull ideas from all sorts of genres like surf rock, indie rock, etc. I’d say we take a leaf out of the book of almost every rock subcategory at some point.

For those not in the know how did the band meet?
It goes back to high school. Kyle, our frontman and brains of the operation started playing guitar in year 8. He was Scott’s best friend for most of high school and Scott got tired of missing out on the action, eventually he picked up the guitar in Year 12 and they started playing covers together. Eddie was a friend at the time and he too wanted in on the action and picked up the bass. The three of us played our first ever (drum-less) gig in 2016 at the Dan O’Connell Hotel. In attendance was Andrew ‘Peach’ Petrie, a friend of Eddie’s older brother who happened to be a drummer. He extended a kind (and slightly intoxicated) offer to play drums for us and we took him up on it, best decision we ever made!

What’s the plan for the rest of the year for Halfway Charlie?
Following our gig at The Gov we’ll schedule our EP release and accompany it with our last headlining gig for the year, as Kyle and Peach are taking their vans on a rural trip for 3-6 months! During this time the band will take a brief hiatus and come back next year and start working toward record #3, with plenty of gigs to come!

What’s something that most people wouldn’t know about the band?
The most obscure Halfway Charlie trivia is probably that Scott has a mild and rare chemical allergy to something called Cocamidopropyl Betaine – a foaming agent found in most hand soaps and shampoos! There won’t be a quiz on this at The Gov, but please stay away from him as he’s very dirty (just kidding, there are alternatives). Also, Kyle’s father is James Bond.

Interview By Rob Lyon

Catch Halfway Charlie, Lola and Yorke Heath at The Gov on Saturday 25 September. Tickets from The Gov….

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