Introducing Haliday Featuring Pinkish Blu’s Sebastian James

Introducing Haliday, the punk-infused brainchild of Adelaide indie pop outfit Pinkish Blu’s Sebastian James. Haliday reveals his debut single Phase Me, a nostalgic and reflective offering that delves into the highs and lows of young adulthood. Inspired by artists he had on rotation in high school, such as Balance And Composure, Basement, and Box Car Racer, alongside more recent influences like Slowly Slowly, Phase Me is a sonic and lyrical time capsule. Phase Me was produced, mixed and mastered by Lachy Pitcher at Depict Studios in Adelaide.

Haliday’s live band comes together as an Adelaide supergroup of sorts, supported by TOWNS’ Aston Valladares on guitar, Don’t Bring Stacey’s Kyle Sambell on drums, and Rachie Whitford on bass. The project played their first show earlier this year, supporting Sydney pop punk band Yours Truly. Sebastian tells Hi Fi Way more about the single and his new band.

How did Haliday get together?
Haliday started when I had an itch I needed to scratch with writing punk rock music. I hadn’t really tackled it since I was about 16 or so and I just wanted to revisit my favourite genre again. Aston and Rach were both big advocates of it so I demo’d the tracks and we started jamming it pretty soon after and it’s been smooth sailing ever since!

Did you have an idea of the sort of music you wanted to make together?
I think we definitely did, I think before I even finished the first demo Aston and I were listing off all the punk rock songs we were gonna cover if we ever started playing shows. We both love the genre so much growing up with it so we knew we wanted to have the nostalgic sound.

What were the initial jam sessions like?
Initially it was embarrassing, I’d spent months putting these songs together but I couldn’t remember how to play them, so when Kyle and Aston came in they knew the songs way better than me. It was still a lot of fun, I think we actually spend more time messing around than practicing.

Were there any significant influences from a creative perspective?
It was around the time when me and Aston started playing Blink 182 cover shows, I just realised how much I missed playing that style of music and it sort of jogged my memory writing crappy, angsty pop punk at 16. So I think my main influence was the nostalgia of 16 being obsessed with Blink, Sum 41 and simple plan and playing guitar as hard and fast as you can.

What’s the story behind the single Phase Me?
Phase Me is about a time when I had no clue what I was meant to be doing in my early twenties, while failing uni, not being able to find work, and having a terrible time with relationships. I knew that my mental health was a complete mess but I wasn’t doing anything to fix it, and was just acting like everything was fine, which frustrated my friends at the time who were only trying to help.

Are there plans for more music?
Definitely more music on the way, I think I can say that when I went into record I didn’t just stop with ‘Phase Me’.

Are you confident about being able to play shows?
Being based in Adelaide I think we have been super lucky with being able to play show, they’re mostly seated with no dancing but it’s still nice to get out there. We were blessed enough to be able to play our single launch to a full room at Fat Controller so I’ll just keep my fingers and toes crossed it only get better from here.

What’s next for Haliday?
More music, more shows and maybe some silly videos in between.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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