Street Creatüre Release New Single “Heart Shaped Stain”

Street Creatüre are a horror band formed in the shadows of the pandemic, four individuals with one vision of captivating its audience with sleazy rock sounds reminiscent of the LA Sunset Strip, whilst adding in the horrific visuals of an 80s B Grade Horror. The band take a collective influence from the greats of Shock Rock in Alice Cooper, Kiss and Motley Crue whilst adding in individual tastes from Hardcore Superstar, Guns N Roses and Wednesday 13.

Their debut single Heart Shaped Stain complete with video is out now, whether you’re a ghoul or a goblin, this is a track for you. The band have pulled their energy and drive from the undead, clawing through the mounds of dirt and have risen with the Creatüre, to bring to you a high energy Punk track that is filled with a catchy hook and gang vocals that scream to be sung back across the veil. The band answer some questions about the single.

How has the build up been to the new single Heart Shaped Stain?
As this was our debut single the build was a little different to anything we as individuals had released before, Street Creature has a massive horror element to it which meant being able to have fun with the promotional material in the release. We had animated trailers showing the band rising from the grave, zombie hands throwing a heart which then left a Heart Shaped Stain on the wall. We received a lot of love early on from radio play and podcasts in the US which was a huge boost for us.

What is the story behind the single?
Heart Shaped Stain was one of the first songs brought to the writing table by OD, the track tells the tale of being caught in a beautiful but dangerous woman’s snare. Every time you try to escape and release yourself from her web, she lures you back in for more. We created the video around one of the animated trailers of the band as the undead. Elle (our bassist) directed it, she created a concept of the band being in rehearsals, one by one we are sucked into the television in the rumpus room and we become the animated band from the trailer.

What has the fan response been like so far?
We have been blown away by the response, we know we are different and whilst sometimes that can go against you, the fans love our quirky weirdness. There’s not too many horror punk bands on the scene especially here in Australia and that has given us an edge. We have fun in everything we create and post, especially in videos on our YouTube Channel ‘Creature Features’, we like to engage with everyone out there on Twitter and the socials. Its been great to be placed on so many different playlists both Spotify and YouTube, its really humbling to know people in countries on the other side of the world like Mexico, Peru, Serbia are listening to us and rocking out to the undead.

How would you describe Street Creature to the uninitiated?
Street Creature are a horror punk band formed in the shadows of the pandemic, four undead creatures coming together with the soul purpose to captive an audience. With sleazy rock sounds reminiscent of the LA sunset strip in the 80s and adding in visuals of an 80s B grade horror movie. Whilst our sound is our own we are heavily influenced as a band by Alice Cooper, Wednesday 13, KISS, Motley Crue and Hardcore Superstar.

How did the band meet?
We’ve all met through music shows, Scotty and OD met at a music festival, instantly hitting it off they knew they had to make the music they loved without any compromise. Scotty and Elle met on a show they were both playing on for previous bands they were in, since then they play in a different project together with Scotty on drums. Scotty and Rory met at a show with many beverages Scotty convinced him to have a jam and the rest is history.

What were the initial jam sessions like?
There were a few different line ups right at the beginning, which wasn’t helped due to the pressures of Covid lockdowns, Scotty and OD have been the instigators from the creatures inception. There were various bassists, Elle joined early on but had to leave due to do other commitments. When Rory joined things geared up, his speed and proficiency is second to none, songs were able to be written quicker and he brought his own flair of writing to the crypt. Finding a bassist was becoming tough but Elle was able to come back, she’s super dedicated and sick on bass.

Is the band building towards and album or EP?
We are definitely building towards an EP but also an album, we love creating and engaging with fans whether that be via music, video or live. We want to continuously create both for us but also them as well. We have single releases planned ahead so that is a certainty. There’s a few elements coming that we know people won’t be expecting from us but that is the joy of having a band come from the crypt of the undead, we have a huge tomb full of surprises for fans.

Who would you say is the biggest shared musical influence/ inspiration for Street Creature?
There is a massive love for KISS in this band, but also Alice Cooper. We could rattle off many bands who have influenced us but those two are the bands we really looked up to as kids, they shown us that you can put make up on, create a character and go out there and have fun. Also, at the same time reminding kids that it doesn’t matter whether you fit in or not, just go and create the music you want, jump about and be yourself.

Did the band lose much momentum due to the pandemic?
The creature was created during the pandemic, we literally rose from the ashes of that initial wave of lockdown period in Australia. It was hard to arrange jams at one point and we’ve had to cancel a few due to snap lockdowns but we’ve pushed hard on promotion and production during those moments.

What’s next for Street Creature?
We are due back in the studio with Troy Nababan (Hammerspace Recording) this week to finish our second single before that is sent for mastering with Paul Logus (PLX Mastering). That will be released alongside the official music video as was our debut, this one is really fun as it follows a photo shoot we had back in May with our photographer Caris (Of A Feather). We realised the photos would be perfect for this single so we have held on to them and will create the video around that concept with Drakoru Productions.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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