Brisbane’s Cheap Date Unveil New Single “Woman To You”

Returning to build upon a strong introduction made in June, indie rock group Cheap Date serves up a stunning new single, Woman To You. Gorgeously layered, balancing light and shaded tones with ease, Woman To You is a perfect way for the Brisbane group to take another stride forward in making their presence known to more fans.

The track is dreamy in that Hatchie, Julia Jacklin way; while the production and warm ambience the music conjures gives us beautiful ‘90s soft rock-pop energy.

Like their debut single Beside Me, Woman To You is emotionally charged; the lyrics offer an insight into a perspective many listeners may be able to relate to.

“‘Woman To You’ is a song that I wrote as a way to express and come to terms with my sexuality as a young adult. I had spent my whole teenage life convinced that I would grow up, get a job, find a husband, build that white picket fence and have kids. ‘Beside Me’ was written about the last real relationship I had with a man before coming out as bisexual. This song is the follow up to that. It is really an expression of obsession. Which sounds a bit creepy….but I mean it in the most innocent way. I was suddenly allowing myself to feel and think about women in a way that felt natural and inherently like my true self.” Cheap Date, Lara Dee

The band, led by Lara Dee, has courted the attention of tastemaker outlets and Triple J Unearthed early, with reviews commending the band for their handle on emotional nuance and their blend of musical influences. As they move on through 2021, Cheap Date are revealing more about their artistry, and are excited for more new fans to become acquainted with their unique style.

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