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L.A. based garage rock ‘n’ rollers VELVET STARLINGS have been busy over the last few months releasing 2 singles, both with accompanying videos Back Of The Train and Technicolor Shakedown.

Now, they have let loose single number 3 She Said (She Said), and it is a garage rock masterpiece that harks back to a truly golden era. This single is out now digitally via Golden Robot Records.

VELVET STARLINGS invite you to Les Beach Party with their rambunctious and raucous garage rock anthem, She Said (She Said).  It’s the third and latest track from their debut album Technicolour Shakedown. This song is rooted in the 60’s, with a signature Doors style organ riff, then quickly taking a left turn into a frenzied “beach fuzz” garage punk territory. It tells a youthful tale of instant attraction, coupled with the excitement, energy and adrenaline of “cutting a rug” on the sweaty dance floor of a California house party, ‘till the morning sun rises over the crystal blue water.

Canadian rockers THE BLOODSHOTS are back to follow up the success of their smash single No Way Out with a modern, dirtied up version of the classic Credence Clearwater Revival tune, Bad Moon Rising, and BOY does it rip!

Recorded during the pandemic, you can hear the anguish come out as The Bloodshot boys tear through this classic, with vocals that cut through like a hot shower for cold bones. Bad Moon Rising is available now on all digital platforms via Golden Robot Records.

“We wanted to stay in the theme of the pandemic with police brutality, riots and so on. It’s funny how this song can be as relevant today as it was when originally released. ‘Bad Moon Rising’ has kicked around our set for a good few years and it always gets the party going – so we figured, why not release it as a single?” – The Bloodshots front man, CJ Loane

DAVE COUTTS has been dedicated to his love of music from a young age. Part of bands Ten Inch Men and Talk Show, Coutts is now back with a new single Teargas in August and ready to rock with Golden Robot Records.

Teargas In August is out now digitally, and is the first single to be released by Dave through Golden Robot Records. It is a tasty sample platter of the soft and rockier sides of his style with changing tempos and melodies.  The acid trippy flashback lyrics keep you second guessing the true meaning of this tune.

Teargas In August features some glorious 60s and early 70s melodies akin to The Beatles, The Who and The Kinks.

According to who you talk to, rock and roll is either dying out, evolving, or back in full swing. In the case of the POISON BOYS from Chicago, they’re pumping new life into the genre and keeping it as punk as possible.

POISON BOYS have released their new single Little Speedway Girl via Riot Records. This single is a tasty little punk rock romp that channels all the good vibes from rock legends like New York Dolls, The Stooges, Kiss, and UK punk acts such as The Heartbreakers and The Vibrators.

Little Speedway Girl is about meeting a girl at a gas station. And not just any gas station… Speedway. It lines the midwestern US on almost every corner. This person meets a girl who judges a book by its cover and initially thinks he sucks. But after talking with him, she realises that he is not so bad. She ends up telling him to stick around till she’s off work to hang out.

The huge chorus has had punks singing along since the song initially appeared on the b-side to 2017’s Bad Mouth 7″, and the song is finally getting its due here re-recorded for Don’t You Turn on Me.

Embraced internationally, GROOM EPOCH, a creative platform for former Church drummer Richard Ploog, are about to release their third album, Initiation. Fellow mainstay musicians Phil Hall, Brett Myers, John Hoey, Cub Calloway, with guesting from Amanda Brown, are responsible for Groom Epoch’s latest shimmering sound.

Their new single Soft Explosion is available now on all digital platforms via Golden Robot Records.

Soft Explosion (mixed, mastered and co-produced by world acclaimed David Pendragon at Canberra Studios) is a lush rockist’s soirée into the ins and mostly outs of a lunatic’s thought projection, coming at you from the bubbling cauldron that is Richard Ploog’s imagination.

This song evokes various scenescapes throughout the panoramic lyrics, backed by the acclaimed musicianship of the rock royalty elite of Australia.

CAVALCADE are an East London four-piece, currently creating waves with their version of blistering indie rock and roll. Recently signed to Golden Robot Records, CAVALCADE have released their new single Feels Like Home on all digital platforms.

Feels Like Home is about where comfort is. For Cavalcade, this is being on stage. It’s being out all night until the sun comes up and the feeling of sharing those moments with the people you love. In a period where we feel as though we haven’t been able to return home, this song is a remedy to that.

The lyrics in the verses of this song are based around William Gibson’s novel The Neuromancer. The protagonist Case is a cyberspace ‘cowboy’, who is poisoned when a job goes wrong and is prevented from entering the matrix ever again. In the novel, he longs to escape from reality, and for the band this embodies the message Feels Like Home. Music and partying are our escapes – it’s where home is. 

The legendary VANILLA FUDGE, the original line-up of Mark Stein, Carmine Appice, Vincent Martel and Tim Bogert, together one final time; take listeners on a psychedelically-tinged version of The Supremes classic, Stop In The Name Of Love. This masterpiece is an instant classic, putting on display the virtuosity and raw talent of one of the pioneers of psyche rock! The vibrancy and integrity of this band 55 years into their careers is one more reason why “The Fudge” should be in The Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame.

Back in 2019, Mark Stein put together an idea for VANILLA FUDGE to do an arrangement for Stop In The Name Of Love. The dream was to capture the lightning in a bottle that happened with their classic arrangement of The Supremes, You Keep Me Hangin’ On. That track has remained current decades after its release thanks to film and television placements such as “The Sopranos” finale, and big Hollywood blockbusters like “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”. While the Fudge was out on tour later that year they went into the studio and laid down tracks that would be the foundation of this new release.

“So back in mid 2019, I put together a blueprint for an arrangement for ‘Stop in the Name of Love’, while the Fudge was out there doing shows later that year. We went into the studio and recorded the track. We planned to complete it, there were delays, and then the pandemic put everything on hold.” – Mark Stein

They planned to complete it with Tim Bogert on the track, however they ran into some unavoidable delays with the pandemic putting everything on hold. Tim had been living with cancer for some time, and they didn’t know how much time he had. Carmine Appice took the matter into his own hands and when he went to Los Angeles’ NAMM show in January of 2020; he arranged for Tim to record at Jorgen Carlsson’s (the bass player for Gov’t Mule) studio in LA.

“It was very cool that we were able to get Timmy on the track. I’m glad he was strong enough and gracious enough to record with us one last time – he gave me a great template to build on with my guitar. I created an East Indian raga intro in the spirit of our early albums and rocked out at the end. Hold on tight everybody,’ cause here comes The Fudge…” – Vince Martel

Colorado’s STONE DEAF follow their recent singles The Velvet Hammer, Polaroid and Cloven Hoof with the release of their new album Killers. The album is now available on all digital platforms via Coffin & Bolt Records / Golden Robot Records.

The band glides through a mix of desert and stoner rock, with (at times) a doom edge and a punk sensibility, producing a unique fusion of genre bending sonic goodness; akin to the likes of Queens of the Stone Age and Kyuss, with a little TSOL thrown in.

Take a ride with STONE DEAF on their third full-length album, Killers. Travel down a long, dark stretch of never-ending highway, picking up frenzied hitchhikers along the way and telling tales of an oasis covered with velvet, giant centipedes, and a dark carnival with a fiery past. Inspired by a backdrop of writers such as David Lynch, William S Burroughs and Hunter Thompson, Killers is a dark, toe-tapping soundtrack to life in the Interzone.

“Now, boys, you won’t see this operation performed very often and there’s a reason for that…. You see it has absolutely no medical value. No one knows what the purpose of it originally was or if it had a purpose at all. Personally, I think it was a pure artistic creation from the beginning.” – Dr. Benway

Swiss hard rockers KING ZEBRA have been causing a huge stir since signing with Crusader Records. Having released 2 sizzling singles, Wall Of Confusion featuring Thundermother singer Guernica Mancini, and latest track Hot Cop Lady, KING ZEBRA are now set to unleash their new album Survivors.

KING ZEBRA will release their new album Survivors on September 17th. Survivors is the first full-length album release on Crusader Records. In the lead up to the album release and to whet the appetites of fans further, KING ZEBRA today released a new track from the album, We’re the Survivors.

We’re the Survivors is a no doubt spot on track, lush with 80’s hard rock style anthems, celebrating all of us who made it through the pandemic with our music & freedom still intact. Big guitars with a powerful meaning make this the title track from the band’s album Survivors.

From the beginning Survivors is an energetic and memorable collection of songs packed with catchy riffs and meaningful lyrics. Written and recorded during tough times, this work truly makes us all survivors!

Switzerland has produced some monumental hard rock bands over the years such as Krokus, Gotthard, Burning Witches, Shakra: now, KING ZEBRA stand proudly alongside them.

After recently signing a global deal with Golden Robot Records, Montreal’s DANGEREENS recently released their first single with the label Streets of Doom, and have just released their new single and video Thieves, now on all digital platforms.

Thieves is the latest scorcher by the glitter punk’n’roll outfit! It depicts a day in the lives of two depraved youths forced to turn to crime for survival. The music is built upon a 4 on the floor drum beat and includes ripping guitar works, groovy basslines and an outworldly saxophone solo. The vocals are snarled nonchalantly with minimal melodic variations, which builds up a tension complementing the storytelling. Thieves is like Aerosmith jamming with T-Rex and Kiss!

Dubbed the most elegantly decadent rock n’ roll unit of the 21st century, DANGEREENS take you back to the glory days of 70’s glitter rock. One listen and the influences will come pouring out and transport you back into one of the finest ever rock eras!

Keith Cook was the guitarist for protopunk band Debris, with whom he was included in a history exhibit covering the notable rock and rollers from their home state of Oklahoma.

Cease is the follow up to recent singles; the tongue in cheek three chord rock Child’s Play and barnstorming Never Equate.

Cease, featuring Dave Foster (Nirvana) on drums, and recorded by legendary grunge producer Steve Fisk, is the 3rd single from Keith Cook’s solo album  Rock & Roll Riot.  Along with Never Equate, it’s two sides of the same coin written as a double A-side single (like a Beatles or Queen 45). It’s a two guitars, bass and drums rock song, with riffs drawing from punk & hard rock (played through Hagstrom guitars, vintage tube Supro amps like Led Zeppelin used, Big Muff distorted bass plus a massive Melvins style drum kit) bemoaning the gentrification of Seattle in a broad yet incisive enough shot that you could apply it to any place.

All three singles feature on Cook’s upcoming album Rock & Roll Riot, which will be released digitally, on CD and Vinyl on the 29th of October through Riot Records.

Recorded in producer Steve Fisk’s garage home studio, Keith Cook’s Rock & Roll Riot is garage rock in the purist sense of the term. With vintage tube amps, Fisk’s use of classic recording techniques and minimal microphones on tracks, Cook and Fisk capture the raw sound of the riff-based songs that hark back to the simplistic live vibe of early rock recordings.

Cook’s sophomore record is backed by Dave Foster, Aaron Burckhard & Kera Schaley of Nirvana, Steve MacKay of The Stooges, Criss Crass of The Muffs, The Vains, Wayne/Jayne County, Travis McNabb of Greg Sage and The Wipers, Kirk Heydt of Flipper Pop O Pies and Steve Fisk. 

Australian Punk act UNDER THE INFLUENCE (UTI) have released their new single Puerto Escondido via Riot Records on all digital platforms. Once again, there is no holding back as UTI deliver up another scathing punk statement.

Puerto Escondido was inspired by a surf trip UTI’s guitarist took to Mexico a few years back, where he was violently threatened by locals to leave Puerto Escondido. This song screams for equality and unity between different countries and cultures alike. We are all connected and need to work together. We’re all humans and the earth is our home. Shared with the animal kingdom, plants and fungi, Earth needs to be protected, respected and shared. If we can somehow find a way to work together there may still be hope for future generations.

Under the Influence (UTI) have released some killer hardcore/punk tracks over the last 12 months such as Moon Flavoured Magnets, Cobra Spit, Gone, Body Parts and Crows, which has further established them as one of Australia’s premier punk acts.

One of the UK’s hottest rock acts, Chesterfield’s THE CROOKS have just released another stunning, yet this time deeply emotional single Better Days, which is available now on all digital platforms through Golden Robot Records.

Better Days tells a story that’s deep and indulgent. Recurring heartbreak. A soul trapped inside a mind, just dying to say the words that change the future for the better. Never giving up on the past. Doubting yourself when the tide’s against you is only human. Accepting it and fighting for a better day shows the strength that’s in us all.

The Crooks, consisting of Jacko, Chris, Duncan, Conor, and Tom, formed in 2019. They released a plethora of tunes, and grew an ever increasing army of loyal fans. 2021 saw their track In Time join She Walks Alone and Nevermind at over 100,000 Spotify streams.

Hailing from Detroit Michigan, Mike Cross is the original founding guitarist for American rock act SPONGE. Now, Cross is the lead vocalist and guitarist for his new band MC Roads, who recently signed to Golden Robot Records. MC Roads offers up a powerful blend of melodic, guitar-driven music and classic style songs.

Earlier this week, MC Roads released their new single Stoned In Love and have now dropped a video for the track to celebrate the release of their EP.

Originally recorded on 2-inch master tape, MC Roads’ debut effort No Nostalgia on Golden Robot Records is a collection of classic style songs with a modern twist.  With colourful lyrics and intense guitar-driven arrangements, these five songs weave a story that may at times feel a bit nostalgic, but then again, not.  For the listener, what is laid out here is the heart and soul of its author. To be continued.

The Jurassic DEAD DIRTY DINOSAURS just dropped a killer new single and video Catalyst via Riot Records, and it is available now on all digital platforms.

DEAD DIRTY DINOSAURS released their latest EP Too Many Questions: The Abbey Road Masters (Remastered) back in March through Riot Records and recently released yet another new single Delirious.

Catalysts generally react with one or more reactants to form intermediates that subsequently give the final reaction product, in the process regenerating the catalyst.

The DDD boys return once more with a catastrophic reaction to the conventions of music as we know it. These underrated outsiders are the Catalyst between you, everyday life and the answer to a question you didn’t even know you were asking.

From the maniacal count in, to the last of the ringing guitars, you will be begging for more!

The DEAD DIRTY DINOSAURS are back and we already know how you’ll react… turn it up!

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