Adelaide’s Choosing Sides Return With New Single “Flicker”

Adelaide’s Choosing Sides return with a striking indie rock gem Flicker, which arrives alongside their visual collaboration with Deadend Visuals. After selling out multiple headline shows across 2020 and 2021, and charming listeners with the release of their previous single Cardboard Seats, the arrival of Flicker signals an exciting step forward for the band. The inspiration for Flicker arrived as frontman Will Wright embarked on a reflection on life’s fast pace, and humans’ role in the universe – with the help of some space documentaries. Will and Frankie drop by to answer some questions about the single.

How has the build up been to the new single Flicker?
Frankie: All of us have been so excited to get Flicker out to the public, we all love the song but also marks the start of more things to come for the later down the line this year.

Will: We’ve put a lot of effort into creating a visual aspect for the release which coincides with our plan for future releases. Whilst it took a bit longer than some of our previous releases, we think we’ve made something quite cool.

What is the background behind the single?
Will: The idea of the single came about after I (Will) watched a bunch of space documentaries. It really made me consider how small we are and how short our lives really are. I took a positive message from this and turned it into a song which really speaks “make the most of life and don’t let small problems ruin your day!”

What has the fan response been like so far?
Will: We are absolutely over the moon with the response so far, it’s so heart warming seeing everyone’s lovely words! It’s crazy to actually see what people think about the song, having recorded it at the start of the year.

Do you think spending some of your childhood in the UK has influenced your music?
Will: Absolutely! Growing up alongside local bands like arctic monkeys and Oasis has definitely had an everlasting effect on our sound as musicians. With our family constantly playing this sort of music when we were young, it’s really stuck with us and become part of our musical DNA.

What bands were you in to when you were growing up there?
Frankie: While we were in the UK it was more or less at the peak of the early 2000s rock scene. We loved bands such as, Arctic monkeys, pigeon detectives, the kooks, Franz Ferdinand and the Kaiser Chiefs. The music we grew up with definitely still has an effect on the type of music we make today.

How did Choosing Sides get together?
Will: As a family band we were kind of stuck with each other from birth, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. It all evolved from us jamming in our rooms and then after playing with a bunch of other people, Eli joined the mix.

Are there plans for new music this year?
Will: We’ve got a crazy year planned for us and hopefully we can share something special. With current restrictions, things have obviously become a bit trickier – but this is going to be the best CS yet.

How frustrating has it been for the band with all the restrictions in place at the moment?
Will: It has been really tough for us. We had so many things planned for a live setting and organised some really cool collaborations with other artists which have fallen through as a consequence. We’re staying positive and hoping we can still make this stuff happen soon!

Are you looking forward to when things open up and being able to tour more broadly?
We have been raring to go tour-wise since the start of 2020 but things have obviously been a bit difficult. We started playing interstate at the end of 2019 and want to travel everywhere once we can!

What’s next for Choosing Sides?
Will: We’ve got a lot of new stuff to share with everyone this year. We can’t share too much at this stage but we promise it’s going to be a good time!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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