Golding On “Boxing Underwater”

Indie electronic stunners Golding have released their neoteric new single Boxing Underwater, a meandering, expressive track that ponders – will the magnetic force that drew two people together still exist when those people are sober? Co-written with beloved pop songwriter Jarryd James and featuring the breathtakingly understated vocals of Cailin Russo, Boxing Underwater is out now. Boxing Underwater is evocative of indie-electro-pop influences such as RÜFÜS DU SOL, Running Touch, and Chet Faker, yet Golding continues to carve a unique path for themselves through their intricate, hooky vocal melodies, modern, sharp production, and clever lyrical turns that keep the listener guessing. Boxing Underwater is particularly special, co-written alongside global superstar and master melodist Jarryd James.

Filmed and directed by Nicholas Stevens (Havana Brown, Manu Crooks, Onefour) at Fastback Studios, the video for Boxing Underwater is engaging and beautifully shot, taking on a life of its own. Find out more about Golding in our interview below.

How has the build-up been leading up to the release of your single Boxing Underwater?
It has been a very exciting build. Because of the collaboration with Cailin it has added so much interest and buzz around the release.

Tell us about the process of making this single.
This has been a special one for us to put together. We had our friend Jarryd James come over to Jay’s house for a writing session and from there it came together really quickly.

Sonically, how would you describe your music?
That’s a tough one, as each song we do kind of takes on a life of its own sonically. Overall we’d say we want our tracks to sound exciting and vibrant, but full and thick in the low end. We both love big bass / synth tones so our tracks naturally have a pretty lush low end, but we also want the drums to hit right, so getting that balance is key.

Who would you consider to be the biggest influence on your music and why?
That’s a really hard question too, because there is not just one singular artist, rather a collection of a few. We’d say it would be a combo of Frank Ocean, John Mayer, Pharrell and Justin Vernon.

Best piece of advice you have been given?
Don’t sweat the small stuff.

What is the GOLDING life story?
It’s pretty short as we’ve only just started but so far it’s been a pretty wild ride. Our story began with our friendship, which started over ten years ago. We are just two best mates that genuinely love hanging out and making music with each other. Definitely stay tuned though, as we have some pretty big plans, and hopefully next time we chat our story is a bit more juicy 🙂

Are you looking to tour more broadly?
Absolutely, we want to play shows EVERYWHERE. We both love playing live so much, it recharges us and gives us so much inspiration for when we get back into the studio. Hopefully we can get back into to shows sooner rather than later 🤞🏻

What’s next for GOLDING?
We’re working on our next single right now, and it’s almost done! We’re also planning on releasing an EP early next year.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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