Casey Barnes Reflects On The Release Of “God Took His Time On You”

Things are going gangbusters for Casey Barnes at the minute and country rock/ pop ballad God Took His Time On You is a ripper. It’s melodic and memorable and the heartfelt lyric really sets it apart. God Took His Time On You is the follow up to the No 1 airplay hit Come Turn Me On. Born in Tasmania and now hailing from the Gold Coast, Barnes has quietly honed his talent, touring consistently across Australia and abroad, delivering for an ever growing and fervid fan base. With the success of Come Turn Me On, Casey Barnes’s international audience has continued to build, reaching US ears via successful additions on some of their biggest country playlists. Barnes is well on his way to becoming one of Australia’s most successful country music exports and he tells Hi Fi Way more about the single.

How stoked have you been to the reaction to your new single “God Took His Time On You”?
I’ve been doing this for over fifteen years now and have never had a response like this so quickly to a song. Its always a little nerve racking releasing a ballad but we’ve been blown away by the reaction so far.

Are you amazed by how far and wide your music is reaching and how many plays you’re getting?
Absolutely, we’re working on releasing the official music video in the next couple of weeks, but the lyric video alone is already my most viewed video ever on YouTube which is pretty mind blowing. It’s nice to see a lot of new fans are hearing the song overseas too in America and Europe.

What is the background behind the single?
Really its the ultimate tribute to your partner. I co-wrote the song with two incredible writers over in Nashville and we came up with the idea of who ever created you obviously took their time because you’re absolutely perfect. As soon as we finished writing the song I think the three of us knew straight away it was a pretty special song.

Creatively, did you find 2020 to be a real purple patch to write a heap of songs?
Definitely, it’s amazing what a global pandemic can do ha. I guess a lot of artists and songwriters have really had to learn how to adapt to the situation which has meant a lot of Zoom co-writes and using technology in varied ways to keep pushing forward.

Are you looking to do more co-writing and who would you like to work with?
Yeah I love co-writing and with Zoom and Skype in allows you to connect with amazing writers from all over the world. Who would I like to work with? Man there are so many people it’d be hard to single out. So many incredible writers in Nashville right now!

Are there plans for an album this year?
The album is nearly done which is really exciting! I’d say we’ll plan to release it early next year when we can also back it up with a tour.

Sonically, do you think your style has changed much?
I always like to think that each album is a step up from the last one, and I really think this next album is the best work I’ve done yet. Sonically there are a few changes…. you’ve heard the latest single which is a ballad but we’ve got a couple of up tempo rockers in there too! Ones that’ll be great for the live show!

How tough has it been with all the latest restrictions?
Look its been horrible for the entire music industry and I really feel for a lot of my mates/artists stuck in New South Wales and Victoria right now who haven’t worked for weeks and sometimes months. Its also the guys behind the scenes that often get forgotten about who are just as important as the artists out front on stage. Huge shout out to charities like Support Act who have been a lifeline for so many over the last eighteen months.

Does playing a gig feel like an urban myth these days?
It is definitely very different to what it was like pre-covid but we’ve been extremely lucky to be based in QLD where we’ve been able to do a couple of regional tours and some larger festivals. Not as many as we’d like but very grateful at the same time!

What’s next for Casey Barnes?
I think the next big priority for us will be finishing the album, getting that all set for release early next year and if Covid gets under control, hopefully a national tour. But in the meantime its great to have new music out there with this new single and I’m appreciative of the response it’s had so far.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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