Ryan Meeking’s “Endless Run”

Melbourne’s newest indie pop master Ryan Meeking has shared his fresh cinematic single Endless Run. An evocative work, set within the joyous bloom of festival party culture, Endless Run is rich with euphoric abandon. Its visceral, multi-layered rhythm celebrates a summer to end all summers, its engaging lyrics highlighting the intense relationships that follow.

Meeking has released a stunningly bold video to accompany the track, inspired by human movement and directed by filmmaker and photographer Rick Clifford (Ainslie Wills, Bad Pony, Tori Forsyth). After having his music featured on massive television shows such as Suits, So You Think You Can Dance USA and Teen Wolf, Ryan Meeking (Whitaker, Gossling) is moving from one musical world to the next with this standout pop gem.

Endless Run feels like just like its namesake – an infinite, beautiful journey into the unknown, characterised by an undeniable groove; Meeking’s cool, calm voice; clever melodies; and sharp, concise production. The track has influences of Jack Garrett, Gotye, and Benee, but feels particularly unique to Meeking and speaks to years spent intently, passionately studying pop writing. Co-produced and engineered by Sam Swain (Josh Cashman, Obscura Hail) and mastered by Randy Merrill (Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber), Endless Run is a heady, all-encompassing track. Ryan tells Hi Fi Way more about the single.

How did you feel when you finished the final take of Endless Run?
Great question! The final take was a mangled, soaring guitar part doubling the lead synth melody in the instrumental. Once it was down we’d definitely reached the point of nothing else fitting in the track. As far as feelings go, when I’m in the studio I’m always on a mission, I’m always thinking about the next thing. So the feeling was sort of just, “Yeah cool, that’s bangin, that’s what I intended… NEXT.”

Could you believe how good the end result was?
Sam Swain co-produced Endless Run and also brought a lot to the picture as mix engineer. Endless Run was one of the first tracks we ever worked on. I remember listening to his first mix thinking, “Man, this is a great team.” A pairing like that is pretty rare.

Did it take quite a bit of work to nail?
I think every song takes a lot of work to nail! Even when a band rolls into the studio, plugs in, plays and leaves, the producer and engineer are working hard. In terms of challenge though, Endless Run was one of the most straightforward tracks I’ve ever made, probably because production was a central part of the writing process – setting up a groove with a unique sonic atmosphere and building from there in my own studio. It was essentially paint-by-numbers when Endless Run hit Sam’s studio, bringing a lot of demo tracks across. Although that was only possible because Sam was on exactly the same page as I was.

What is the message you hope listeners take away from hearing the song?
Just to let it go. Whatever you’re holding on to, whatever’s bringing you down. Let it go and come get some vibes.

Have you been quietly chuffed with the response to the song?
Of course! With this new music I’m on a mission to connect: me with you, you with you, you with each other. The physicality of Endless Run seems to be something that’s really resonated with people, which is what it’s all about.

Sonically how would you describe your music?
It took a long time for me to work out where my songs live in terms of genre. A couple of years ago I fell in love with pop and indie pop music. I started sitting in my lounge room intensely analysing top-shelf offerings from artists like Beck and Frank Ocean, pulling apart the production techniques used by artists from Bon Iver to Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa. Sonically speaking, my music reflects what I learnt. Vocal up-front, bold choices, clear focus. Throw in a tapestry approach to arrangement, where synthesised and acoustic sounds layer and weave to create worlds of sound and you have my music.

Are there plans for more music this year?
Absolutely. Endless Run is the first of many tracks coming your way. Brace for impact.

Have you lost much momentum because of the restrictions in place currently?
Some things over the past 18 months have taken longer than usual or pulled more focus than usual, but momentum has been a constant. I’ve moved my studio at least four times in order to keep working. I’ve wedged in co-writing and recording with other musicians whenever there was a break in restrictions. You do what you have to do. Stepping into the shoes of producer definitely helped me be more self-sufficient with limited contact. I spent maybe two years before the pandemic jumping headlong into music production, so those skills certainly kept me and the projects I’m a part of going.

What are your goto albums at the moment?
I’m all the way back into Anderson .Paak’s Oxnard and Ventura at the moment. Gimme the rest of that Silk Sonic gold!

What’s next for Ryan Meeking
A live show and stream coming out of Small Time Group, Brunswick. It’s booked out, so catch the stream on my Facebook page or smalltimegroup.com. After that, more live shows, more releases, more songs, more recording, more worlds, more chances, more more.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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