Amber Lawrence On “Bring It Back”

Five-time Golden Guitar winner, Amber Lawrence, releases her brand new single and video, Bring It Back, available now. The upbeat and powerful, Bring it Back is a timely ode to the music industry, to both the artists and the fans. It laments the loss of our old ways, with Amber musically imploring for life to soon go back to the way it was.

Produced by Stuart Stuart (Sheppard, The Veronicas, Lee Kernaghan, Taylor Moss), and co-written with APRA nominee Melanie Dyer; Amber’s new single is an evolved sound we haven’t yet heard across Amber’s past releases. With soaring vocals and a hugely catchy melody, it is set to be a new fan favourite. Supported by Amber’s Bring it Back tour which commences late 2021 thru to 2022. Bring it Back is the first taste from Amber’s seventh studio album – set for release next year. Amber drops by to answer some questions about the single for Hi Fi Way.

How has the build-up been to the new single Bring It Back?
It’s been wonderful – when I leaked this song on TikTok before release it was a mind blowing response – people are just reacting to the lyrics so much. Especially right now, with many Australians in lockdown and music fans and musicians once again missing what they love most. The release went really well with lots of adds to radio, and some good numbers on iTunes… but most of all it’s been the messages of support I have received, and people telling me it’s become their theme song, that I’ve enjoyed so much!

What is the story behind the single?
I wrote this song with Melanie Dyer in February this year. I wanted an upbeat, anthem style song – the type that would go off at a music festival. So on my way to the writing session, I was racking my brain for what the song would be about, when the idea ‘Bring back the music’ popped into my head! Explaining the concept to Melanie, we both visualised ourselves as music fans, standing in a festival field, as the sun is about to set and your favourite artist is about to walk on stage… this is the feeling that we all miss, this is the freedom we are singing about when we say ‘bring it back’! It’s like a musical prayer for music and life to go back to the way it was!

How tough has it been for you as an artist navigating you way through this chaos?
It’s been very tough. There’s so many aspects to it, the financial struggle, the mental struggle and then the anxiety about planning tours and re-investing money without any certainty. Even the admin involved in cancellations, rebooking, getting flight credits, finding new dates has been a nightmare! I’ve currently got over $5000 in flight credits to use from all the cancelled shows. I’ve gone through all of the emotions from sadness to anger to acceptance and then in some ways some excitement for the future!

Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?
I don’t necessarily see light at the end of the tunnel yet – I think the hard part is that a lot of damage has been done to the industry over the past two years – so it will take a lot of resilience and risk to rebuild. I’m definitely up for the challenge though, and I’m sure the music lovers are up for it too!

Do you feel any pressure with album number seven?
I really don’t – I think if the pandemic has taught me anything, it’s that nothing is really in our control. All I can do is my best, and trust that I have some awesome fans out there who will love my new work.

Do you feel just as inspired creatively now compared to pre-covid times?
I do find the Zoom co-write process a little less creative for me – I just want to leave my house, go to Nashville, meet up with brilliant creative people and write! However my social media creativity is through the roof in these lock down times.. ha, I’m finding lots of thing to make videos about

Has it forced you to work any differently to finish the album?
Absolutely – my producer, Stuart Stuart actually developed a system very quickly once lockdown happened in 2020 – it’s a recording box that he sends to you that allows you to record real time with virtually no latency – as though you’re in the recording booth next to the studio – only difference is the vocal booth is in Sydney and the control room is in Brisbane. This has been a Covid stroke of brilliance, and to be honest, I doubt I would have finished my album without this.

Sonically, do you think your sound has changed much?
Yes my sound has progressed in the last two albums – I’ve really wanted to match my live energy to my recorded energy. I feel that Spark (my sixth album) achieved this, and the seventh album will do that even more. My personality shows hugely in this new album – I’m the kind of person who is deep and reflective at times, but also extremely light hearted and fun, and I love singing about both things! – so trying to meld these two personalities in music is something we’ve been able to do with this album.

Were there any significant influences for you during this creative period?
In this album the influences were my life and my best friend’s life (she’s going through a Covid Divorce)- it sounds simple but I had a lot happen in the past eighteen months that have gone into this album, and I’m excited to share the new songs.

What’s next for Amber Lawrence?
More touring, more creative projects, a new album, more children’s albums and just a plan to keep enjoying my work (and be a present a good mum too)…

Interview By Rob Lyon

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