Hi Fi Way Mix Tape Volume 4

We love a good mix tape at Hi Fi Way, have a look to see who made Volume Four:

DON BROCO have released their new single One True Prince, taken from the forthcoming new album Amazing Things, which will be released on the 17th September via Sharptone Records. The track sees DON BROCO shine a light on their slower and more immersive side, presenting the band in a completely new way. Colossal guitars, thunderous drums and enchanting vocals dance together in a captivating ebb and flow, channelling their inner Deftones to paint a detailed and evocative picture with a stunning sonic palette.

The accompanying video compliments the expansive vibe, set in the very centre of a vast and desolate landscape. As the band musically explore their sound the video’s protagonist explores their beautiful surroundings, traversing the unknown terrain in search of something completely out of this world.

Lead singer Rob Damiani comments, “’One True Prince’ is about finding comfort in the fact that whatever you’re going through and however bad it may feel, nothing lasts forever. In these moments I try to remind myself how insignificant I am. Just one person amongst billions, on a rock orbiting a dying star, in a universe that will eventually implode on itself. And when my problems are put in perspective, it’s about celebrating that despite the little time we have in this world we are still capable of creating so much beauty and happiness. We’re about to do amazing things.”

Patty Walters, Ronald Ish, and Alistair Testo – As It Is – have dropped the video for another banger with I Lie to Me. It’s a super catchy, pop punk bop. I Lie to Me is about the days where you wake up and try, only to end up exactly where you started,” the band shares. “If you lie to you to get through, that’s okay — we do, too.”

As It Is released the video for IDGAF, an anthem that invites plenty of singing along. The song also serves as a unifying, emotional, and inspired battle cry for the past year and the times we’ve all been living in during the lockdown and pandemic. Watch the IDGAF video here.

As It Is continue to work on music for their upcoming fourth effort. As It Is released their third studio album The Great Depression in 2018. The band delved into brave new territory conceptually and also took a sonic leap forward. The Great Depression, produced by MACHINE (Lamb of God, Every Time I Die), is a layered and technically accomplished record. As It Is also reimagined the entire album and released the songs as a series of four EPs in 2019.

“We started writing the next chapter of As It Is in 2019,” the band shares. “We had written a lot of cool songs but none of them were telling our story or communicating how we were actually feeling. When ‘IDGAF’ happened, it was the first thing that incapsulated the heartbreak, defeat, and disappointment we were feeling with ourselves and the world around us. When the pandemic happened and the world shut down, that’s when we really spiralled. We’re unwell and we have been. ‘IDGAF’ is all in the title. It’s for all of us and it’s yours now.”

Following the release of the title track from her forthcoming album and the franglish single Falaise De Malaise, Martha Wainwright releases the uplifting Hole In My Heart. Love Will Be Reborn, Martha’s first new album in five years, will be released August 20th on Pheromone Records/Cooking Vinyl.

Offering another sneak peek at the new album, Hole In My Heart is a playful song that’s brimming with joy. The song serves as the emotional flip side to previous song Falaise de Malaise, a song steeped in despair and sadness, the storm to the sunshine that is Hole In My Heart. The video captures this joy.

A song of hope, Martha explains how the song came to be, “‘Hole In My Heart’ flew out of me when I was sitting in a sunny room trying to contend with this incredible feeling of joy and gladness. After feeling scared and lonely and unsure of everything, someone came along and changed my life. ‘We all live alone… but do you want to live alone together?’. It’s about making a commitment to living as two, together, against the odds.”

Multi Golden Guitar & ARIA Award winning Country singer-songwriter Fanny Lumsden returns with another gem taken from her critically acclaimed album fallow, in the tender bittersweet ballad Grown Ups.

Written by Fanny, with arrangement help from Benjamin Corbett & Dan Stanley Freeman, and featuring Thomas Lumsden’s beautiful harmonies, Grown Ups was recorded in the Stone Hut, Tooma Valley during the fallow album sessions. Reflecting on times when you look up to the grown ups before becoming one yourself, Lumsden touches on that and more in her latest single.

“This is a song for the moments you realise you are or have to be the grown up. For me, moments such as realising I had one of those cupboards that you put the good plates in – just to look at, or when we had to host Christmas and you look around and go, well I don’t know how to do that – the grown ups always do that. These moments in my experience are fleeting and you revert back to your normal self, feeling like the child. It’s also a song about the beauty and sadness in ageing. watching your parents go greyer every year and knowing that its up to you to hold the memories, up to you to find the keys. But it still leaves you wondering where all the time went. It’s also a song for the moment. Where did all the grown ups go? Did they leave a light on? Or is it up to us now? “

Rising UK alt metallers PROFILER have just dropped a new video for Revert, the band’s second single following their signing to SharpTone Records earlier this year.

In their own words “‘Revert’ is a clarion call to all those that long to unplug from the daily barrage of technology and consumerism, and reconnect with themselves and the Earth beneath them: “This modern way of life has got me wired, so ask yourself… Why?””

Dying Wish is the Portland-based blistering hardcore five-piece whose passionate music fuses New Wave of American Heavy Metal and chaos-driven punk noises. Late last year, they signed to SharpTone Records and last month, they announced the release of their forthcoming record, Fragments of a Bitter Memory which will be released on October 1, 2021 via their new label home.

Dying Wish has released a new single + music video for Until Mourning Comes off of the forthcoming record.

On the new single, lead vocalist Emma Boster shares, “‘Mourning’ is written about a family friend who passed away tragically in a plane crash last year. We were in the studio writing the record when my cousin called me with the news. I spent the rest of the night on the phone with my family in absolute shock over the passing of such a kind, bright, and loving young man. My friend’s death happened just a few days after Riley from Power Trip had passed and I had been watching the outpour of heartbreak within the hardcore and metal communities over Riley’s passing. I felt really compelled to write a song about the passing of someone gone too soon that leaves such an incredible impact on our lives. It felt like now more than ever it was relatable because of how many people out there had lost a loved one due to the pandemic or the toll it takes on us.”

In case you missed it – Sydney group the Hard-Ons, who have been cranking out their own brand of punk rock for nearly 40 years now (yes, they started young!), last week announced the addition of a new frontman/singer, one Tim Rogers. And they’ve released the first single and video with Tim on board, a tearaway punk-pop number called Hold Tight.

Tim is a long time fan of the band, having first seen them play in his teens. And while he of course remains with You Am I as well, he has already recorded an album with the Hard-Ons. A tour was all set to go before lockdowns ramped up, and will definitely happen at some point.

Last week’s announcement of the Hard-Ons’ recruitment of Rogers was BIG NEWS and was met with excitement, bemusement and yes the inevitable few grumbles from old fans. But, as the new single attests – and punters first got to hear it yesterday when it was premiered by Zan Rowe on Double J’s Mornings program – the new band gives absolutely nothing for anyone to complain about. Hold Tight is a perfect single, and Tim Rogers and the Hard-Ons are a perfect match.

Link McLennan and Cheersquad Records & Tapes are excited to announce Syco, the first single from the first album that Link will be releasing under the new moniker Bagful of Beez. Link is the founding member and beloved frontman/singer and songwriter of seminal Australian acts The Meanies, Tomorrow People, The Bakelite Age and Sun God Replica, amongst others. Bagful of Beez is a melting pot of all those acts, and the results are astounding.

Link himself has said of the new single: “‘Syco’ is a less whiny, more objectively, self-analytical and humorous version of ‘Creep’ by Radiohead, except the music isn’t plagiarised.”

Ladyhawke (‘Pip’ Brown) has released her infectious brand-new single Think About You, the 3rd single to drop from her anticipated 4th studio album Time Flies which is out on October 8.

Think About You follows the much loved single Mixed Emotions which extended to the recent reMIXED EMOTIONS EP release that included 3 x new remixes from a stellar all-female artist line up which included K.Flay (US) / Woodes (Aus) / Shura (UK). Prior was the first taste of this outstanding new creative era from Ladyhawke with Guilty Love, a collaboration with BROODS which topped Triple J’s most played list, has clocked over 1 Million streams and is already nominated for a ‘2021 Silver Scroll Award’.

Pip says about the new single, “I wrote Think About You with the incredible Josh Fountain. After we wrote the music, I came up with the idea to write the song about a fantasy infatuation that miraculously gets reciprocated. Whether it’s real or in the subject’s imagination is left up to the person listening!! I think the dictionary meaning of the word “limerence” describes this best: Limerence – noun: the state of being obsessively infatuated with someone, usually accompanied by delusions of or a desire for an intense romantic relationship with that person.”

The UK’s Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes unveil their new single and video Go Get A Tattoo, taken from their highly anticipated fourth record Sticky, due out October 15. They have long been renowned as a vital, uncompromising force, but now Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes are on the cusp of taking their cult status to another level with their strongest and most direct songs to date – all without compromising any of their rampaging energy or principles.

Their recent single My Town (featuring Joe Talbot of IDLES) was the biggest of their career to date and hit Radio 1’s B-list, while the title track of their upcoming album Sticky was premiered by Daniel P Carter. Most importantly of all, they ignited the return of the festival circuit with a killer opening night headline set at Download Pilot, unleashing pent-up energy and sheer emotion in equal measure.

Now Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes accelerate their incendiary return by sharing the new single Go Get A Tattoo, alongside its official video. The track, which was BBC Radio 1’s Hottest Record this evening with Arlo Parks standing in, features a kindred spirit in the shape of Lynks, the queer, underground electro-punk sensation who’s rapidly gaining attention for releases such as This Is The Hit and Str8 Acting.

Opening with an ominous, rolling bassline that foreshadows the chaos to come, Go Get A Tattoo suddenly detonates like a turbo-charged Madness or The Specials celebrating our new-found freedom with a reckless abandon. Carter snarls, “Smash your sadness / Go get a tattoo / We were born to win, not born to lose.” Lynks soon jumps in, his flamboyant rhymes exploding with confident charisma. The song was inspired by Carter’s experience of having to shut his first tattoo parlour, Rose of Mercy, due to lockdown.

“Irreverent is a good word for that song,” says Carter. “I’d worked my entire life to get to the point of getting a shop, and I’d finally achieved it, and I couldn’t even open the doors. So yes, when this is over, I need everyone to come and get a tattoo.”

Lynks adds; “It is bloody irreverent actually. I mean I’m literally here singing about tattoos with not a single one on my body. Am I a poser? Probably. But the song still bangs. I’m so used to singing over bleeps and bloops and shit, so when Frank coerced me into becoming a rock and roll star I was initially hesitant. But now I’m fully converted. I think I’m gonna burn the synths and invest in a Stratocaster or 2”

Hot on the heels of Hard Up, Melbourne nine piece The Bamboos have released new music as a taster to the upcoming Deluxe Edition of that acclaimed 10th studio album. They’ll look to play them live for the first time on their now rescheduled Australian tour in Jan / Feb 2022.

The week of recording at the country house north of Melbourne in 2019 for Hard Up was a revelation for the band’s collective creative drive and they ended up with a slew of tracks that they loved. Releasing a triple album wasn’t on the cards, which meant that some songs are getting released now as part of what will be an expanded digital version of the album.

First up is Piece Of Me, an attitude filled funk track which is possibly the fiercest that Bamboos vocalist Kylie Auldist has sounded yet. “I ain’t your property” she fires, daring anyone to deny her independence. “I owe you nothing at all. You want a piece of me?” Backing that up is Reef Shark, an instrumental that recalls the band’s early Deep Funk roots from when they took Melbourne club rooms by storm. More new music will be released from these sessions throughout the rest of 2021.

I Know Leopard are back with their second single for 2021, this time dialling up the emotional intensity in their new hyper-coloured shimmer pop setting with Day 2 Day which premiered on triple j’s Good Nights.

As with their previous 2021 single, Lover Automatic, Day 2 Day was produced by lead vocalist and main songwriter Luke O’Loughlin and was co-produced and mixed by Konstantin Kersting who has made a name for himself behind the board for Tones & I, Jungle Giants, Mallrat, The Rubens, Tia Gostelow and WAAX.

With its driving piano riff, pulsing synths, gliding violin and uptempo sampled drums Day 2 Day manages to be musically inspiring and even anthemic while paradoxically, the lyrics address a relatable feeling of persistent self-doubt. The acclaim to the band’s pivot from the ‘70s soft rock inspired Love Is A Landmine 2019 album to a sweet but smart take on alt-pop has been near universal, and the band have more new music to release this year and into early 2022.

Off the back of revealing details of their forthcoming debut album, Something Like This But Not This, Moaning Lisa announce they will be hitting the road for a national tour. The ‘Something Like This But Not This’ album tour will kick off in Meanjin/Brisbane on 14 October and hits all mainland capital cities and select regional towns throughout October, early November and February 2022. For fans it’s the perfect opportunity to see Moaning Lisa celebrate their album release in iconic venues across the country, making this the band’s biggest headline tour yet!

And the good news doesn’t stop there! Moaning Lisa have shared another cut from their debut record with the arrival of album opener Cold Water. Centred around three simple chords and propelled by intense dynamic shifts, a hard-hitting riff and Moaning Lisa’s signature rich harmonies and dueling vocals, it really is the ultimate Moaning Lisa song, all distilled into three and half minutes.

Charlie Versegi (singer/guitarist) commented “Lyrically, Cold Water is about how it feels to be the target of another person’s saviour complex. Navigating relationships whilst struggling with a relatively high-functioning mental illness is exhausting and burdensome – you can easily fall into the trap of trying to assuage the people who worry about you. Saying that something is as simple as a glass of cold water is all you need to feel better encapsulates this complicated issue. We were channelling a bit of Mitski, Adalita, and Sleater-Kinney when we wrote this, but mostly we were channeling ourselves.”

Vikki Thorn is a seasoned Australian performer. As one third of the multi-ARIA Award winning trio The Waifs, Vikki has released 8 albums and constantly toured the world. With her inimitable vocals and unique harmonica playing, Vikki Thorn has made an unmistakable mark on the Australian musical landscape. With a new sense of inspiration and a bag full of songs, it’s now time for Vikki to step out on her own for a while with her debut solo project dubbed ThornBird.

ThornBird has returned home to Western Australia after ten years in the wilds of Utah, USA. The intertwining influence of the American desert sands and the salty Australian air present a spectacular evolution of an artist that has already embedded herself into the veins of music lovers across the world.

With a full length album nearing completion, it’s those desertscapes and a sense of longing that are a recurring theme in her song writing. “These songs detail my experience of living in the canyons of Utah for 10 years, and the inspiring women I have encountered that seek out the wild places,” said Vikki.

It’s all there in ThornBird’s debut single Tempest. A tale told by a lonely waitress stuck in a predictable, suffocating, desolate, outback truck stop, hoping the incoming storm will unshackle her from her past and carry her to freedom via the big city lights where dreams are made, and anything is possible. It’s a song of hope and desire. “These are women who lived hard and sought to disappear, but never gave up on their dreams,” Vikki continued.

Teen country / pop singer songwriter Emmagen Rain has released her new single, FOR YOU. Co-written by Emmagen with Erin McKellar and Bread + Butter, it is the follow up to City Lights Call and Karaoke Song.

Emmagen first came to prominence via The Voice Australia last year and followed up with debut single release City Lights Call. The single hit #1 on Triple J’s Unearthed chart and held the top spot for 2 weeks; before claiming a Top 10 National Country Airplay chart, with streams now in excess of 200,000. Follow up ‘Karaoke Song’ is at 250,000 streams and climbing. Emmagen’s message around FOR YOU is simple – “It’s a song about meeting the right person at the wrong time!”

Casey Barnes has delivered country rock/pop ballad, God Took His Time On You – melodic and memorable, the song possesses a heartfelt lyric that sets it apart.

Discussing the single, Barnes said, “I’ve absolutely loved teaming up with my US buddies in Brown & Gray co-writing tracks for this next album and when we worked on this single we knew straight away it was something really special. Every lyric in this song is a dedication to the one you love. Using the metaphor in the line ‘when heaven dreamt you up, God took his time on you’ I think is the ultimate tribute of how perfect you feel your partner is.”

Following the viral success of her song Psycho and her official signing to Atlantic Records in partnership with City Pop Records, Mia Rodriguez is back with the release of her new single Billion Dollar Bitch feat. Yung Baby Tate. The single is released alongside a hauntingly playful and visually stunning official music video starring Mia and Yung Baby Tate.

“Billion Dollar Bitch is about being self-confident and knowing your worth,” said Mia. “But at the same time, being a bit self-indulgent and giving into bad habits. I wrote it to be a hype-up track you can just yell to and feel good. I really love heavy bass and was super excited to work with Mark Nilan Jr on production, and Salem Ilese with lyrics. When I first started working on the track, I knew I wanted a feature for some contrast, and Yung Baby Tate is such a cool rising star, so it was just a no-brainer to try work with her. Hope you enjoy, always remember your worth; Billions.”

“I knew when I heard this song it was a smash!” said Yung Baby Tate. “I am so excited that Mia asked me to be a part of this record, I know our fans are going to love it!”

Danny Elfman and Trent Reznor have joined forces to deliver a brand new version of True, one of the standout singles from Elfman’s acclaimed new double album Big Mess [ANTI- / Epitaph Records]. The reimagined single showcases a sonic collision of two of music’s most iconic artists, melding vocals from Reznor and Elfman with vicious industrial percussion, cinematic piano flares and walls of feedback.

“This is the first duet/collaboration I’ve ever done in my life, so to do it with Trent was a real surprise and a treat,” says Elfman. “He’s always been a big inspiration to me, not to mention he has one of my all-time favourite singing voices.”

Elfman has also debuted a new music video for the reimagined single of True. Directed by Aron Johnson, who contributed visual effects to the Sarah Sitkin-directed music video for the album version of True, the piece features warped imagery and retro VHS aesthetics that capture the song’s intensity. Combining segments of Sitkin’s archived footage along with brand new 3D modelling, the visual serves as a remix in itself of the original music video, reinterpreted through the eyes of Aron.

Hawthorne Heights have unveiled the emotive title track from their forthcoming eight full-length album.

“I really wanted to name this album after those lyrics,” shares singer JT Woodruff on The Rain Just Follows Me. “It perfectly described what I’ve been going through. During the day, everything seems totally fine, but when I lay down and turn out the lights, my world comes crashing down. If this happens on tour or at home, I usually just think of the coast. I think of the way I feel, watching pelicans on the pier. And usually everything will stabilize, but for some reason nothing was working. When you’re gone for months out of the year, it starts to feel normal. Your entire family and circle of friends have to rearrange their lives to stay connected to yours. And as much as this seems like a woe is me, touring band sob story, it really isn’t about that at all. It’s about how our society has taught us to work ourselves to exhaustion, and at the end of day, our prize is an early grave.”

Los Angeles-based, Australian-born trio Chase Atlantic have unveiled their latest music video for hit single OHMAMI. Taking viewers through a Tarantino-inspired story reminiscent of movies like Blow and Wolf of Wall Street and everyone’s favourite video game GTA Vice City, the music video showcases Mitchel Cave, Clinton Cave and Christian Anthony in their most creative roles to date. Inspired by the ‘fast life’ aesthetic of events which took place between the early eighties to late nineties, OHMAMI was directed and edited by Chase Atlantic themselves, further cementing their dedication and desire to be involved in every step of the creative process.

The track, released earlier this summer, has gained its place at the top of TikTok and streaming charts alike, with over 24 Million streams worldwide and 27.7K uses on the viral social media platform. Forever pushing boundaries and constantly failing to be placed in a box, Chase Atlantic propelled themselves forward again with this Spanish-influence track that ties in pop sensibilities and a heart-pounding breakdown.

“It’s the type of song that allows you to really feel yourself, to actually feel alive,” the band says. “Yet, at the same time, it provides an escape from reality. Even if it’s just momentarily, you can feel the effect of the song lingering in the brain like audible drugs.”

UK Post Punks, The Violent Hearts will release their debut album, Everything And Nothing on September 3 via Dinner For Wolves. The title track from the album has just been released. With its new wave feel and incredibly infectious chorus, Everything And Nothing is the very essences of The Violent Hearts.

Sleep Token have released The Love You Want, the second single from their forthcoming album This Place Will Become Your Tomb. Anonymous, silent, masked, armed with a staggering vocal range, a deft touch on the keyboards, plus a live approach that is never less than fully engaged; Sleep Token is the unique, broad-based vision of one individual.

Sleep Token’s second studio album, This Place Will Become Your Tomb will be released on September 24th 2021 via Spinefarm. This new 12-track offering delves further into the enigmatic universe of Sleep Token, pushing boundaries and blurring genres, whilst retaining their signature sound.

Lunar Vacation have announced their debut album Inside Every Fig Is A Dead Wasp to be released October 29 via Dew Process. The Atlanta-based band share new single Mold in the form of an official music video directed by Rach Rios Rehm; it’s a memorable and psychedelic display, bright and bemusing like Lunar Vacation’s own sonic universe.

Grace Repasky (songwriter / vocalist / guitarist) says the song is about “…navigating the oddities and strange tides of West Coast culture, specifically L.A., and influencer lifestyle for the first time. We played a festival out there and it felt like I was in an immersive Instagram advertisement. It kind of freaked me out. To make it all more confusing, the song also deals with having feelings for someone wrapped up in that culture and the conflicting feelings of wanting to fit in.”

Produced by Daniel Gleason of Grouplove, Lunar Vacation’s upcoming full-length is a vibrant offering of melodious guitars, propulsive rhythm, and fitful, gripping vocals that take on the contemporary strain of coming of age. The album boasts a celebratory sound, a reckless sense of ecstasy specific to fluid youth and rock solid friendship. Drawing from early influences like Rilo Kiley and Tame Impala, and landing a little closer to contemporary favorites like Alvvays and Slow Pulp, Lunar Vacation make bright music replete with bliss.

Says Maggie Geeslin (songwriter / vocalist / guitarist) of making the video, “We looked no further than Rachael to direct this one. We’ve been friends for years and working with her on this project was a no-brainer. We told her we wanted something funky and she worked her magic, cooking up a world of absurdity. We had such a good time, in fact, that Grace tattooed the address of the studio where we filmed on their leg at the wrap party.”

Fat Wreck Chords and singer-songwriter Joey Cape, frontman of iconic punk band Lagwagon, are excited to release the music video for It Could Be Real, the first single lifted from the Friday, August 13 release of his brand new solo LP, A Good Year To Forget. A song written from the perspective of a disenchanted single person—a person who has experienced the highs and lows of multiple failed relationships– It Could Be Real was directed by Sean McCue and Nina McCue and features comedian Joe Sib. Cape had the following to share about the video:

“Making the video for ‘It Could Be Real’ was so much fun–directors Sean and Nina McCue are so talented and really do it all. I was in good hands with them. The plot was based on the woes of the busker. Sean McCue has busked all over the world, something I have never done before. I respect those who do. It takes true dedication and I imagine the benefit is meagre. Still you see those people out there everyday everywhere in the world. I think one day was enough for me. Haha. A few old friends including comedian Joe Sib showed up. He is hilarious and made us all laugh the entire day.”

Florida hard rock quintet WAGE WAR – Briton Bond [lead vocals], Cody Quistad [rhythm guitar, clean vocals], Seth Blake [lead guitar], Chris Gaylord [bass], and Stephen Kluesener [drums] – have dropped the video for the new song, High Horse. The song is erected on crunchy guitars and boasts the chorus: “You want to see a war? I’m here to settle score.”

It doesn’t mask its intentions and is an open invite to get into the pit and let everything loose.

“Over the last year, we have been working the hardest we ever have on music we couldn’t be more proud of,” the band offers. “High Horse is just the first taste.”

In the wake of their recent remix package for tracks, The Ghost and Lights Up feat. Channel Tres, the pair present an anticipated new original for eager uptake. A disco-led arrangement imbued with early-day Flight Facilities flavour, Move is an assertive and sunny hit bound to make you transport back to the early days of the 1980s Chicago house music movement. Enlisting the Chicago-based duo DRAMA, composed of producer Na’el Shehade and vocalist Via Rosa, crisp basslines and vibrant rolling piano progressions blend seamlessly with a distinct 909 rhythm, layering Rosa’s silvery vocals to channel strong spring-ready energy.

Flight Facilities on the single, ”After loving their sound since 2016, we finally got in a room with Drama. We bobbed our heads for an afternoon in LA and came out with one of our favorite bassline driven Jams’ we’ve ever made. We’re so honored not only to have collaborated with Via and Na’el but to now also call them friends. This one will get you Moving no matter where you may be – club, kitchen or lockdown party for one.”

DRAMA on the single, “We met Hugo and Jimmy at the studio and immediately connected. This track felt like a bit of a throwback and an homage to Madonna, and a great fusion of what DRAMA and Flight Facilities each brought to the table. We were honored that we were able to collaborate with Flight Facilities, two legendary artists that work really hard. We’ve been a fan for so long and always wanted to meet them and work together”.

Proud Butchulla man Birdz releases his new single They Don’t Know featuring singer-songwriter Thom Crawford. Additionally, Birdz wishes to advise that due to current border restrictions, dates to his headline tour have been rescheduled with a new show included at The Brightside on Yuggera/Jagera and Turrbal Land (Brisbane) on Thursday August 19th.

Reuniting once again with his friend and producer trials, They Don’t Know is unlike anything else the Melbourne-based hip-hop artist has released before. With its surprising reggaton beat and smooth vocals of Thom Crawford, the 2.27 min single is stamped with the flow Birdz has become known for.

Birdz says of his new single, “They Dont Know is about my experience of trying to navigate the music industry. At times it can be overwhelming, having a lot of different voices coming at you with their opinions on what you should do next and when you should do it. ‘They Don’t Know’ is basically my response to that pressure and turning frustrations into a positive. It was the first time in ages that Trials and I had the opportunity to be in the studio together and we just said fuck it, let’s wild out and make something totally different. I feel like it’s important to show people my diversity as an artist and what I’m into sonically – then somehow still marry that with a strong empowering message. For me, that’s exactly what They Don’t Know does. It’s a banger you can ride to with the windows down and still gain some substance from.”

New Zealand’s metal stars ALIEN WEAPONRY recently announced the highly-anticipated upcoming release of their essential second album, Tangaroa, out September 17, 2021 via Napalm Records. The band invites fans to come together in a worldwide “stomp” showdown! Recently, the band united international fans in lockdown by asking them to submit a video of themselves performing a signature “stomp” and star in the official Buried Underground music video.

Show ALIEN WEAPONRY your stomp! Make sure to hashtag #AWburiedunderground and tag the band for a chance to have your stomp shared with the world via the band’s social media!

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