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Gold Coast five piece Radolescent unleash their new EP Excellent People. The EP is a smorgasbord of fast and furious punk rock tracks that showcase their own musician influences, as well as providing a look at the group’s dynamic and unique sound that has been fine-tuned from playing sold out shows supporting Dune Rats and Beddy Rays. Since their debut EP Scrape Ya Plate back in 2017, Radolescent quickly became one of Queensland’s most exciting new exports, releasing an album Prehab in 2019 and adding an extra member to their line up. The five-piece have also toured with the likes of Press Club, Ruby Fields, Bad//Dreems and The Chats.

The tracks on the new EP Excellent People came together across a number of different sessions in different locations, with the drums being recorded at Blind Boy Studios in Queensland, mixing with Greg Reitwyk from Lunchroom Records in Melbourne, and mastering with Dan Walker in New York. The band talk more about the EP with Hi Fi Way.

How has the build-up been leading up to the release of your new EP Excellent People?
It’s been so good, every show has been sold out since COVID and people are starting to sing along to tracks from the EP that haven’t even come out yet which is pretty surreal. As hard as the live music industry is getting it in the last year we can’t deny that the punters are still keen to get out and make the most of the opportunities to support local bands as they can, for which we are very grateful 🙏

Sonically, how would you describe your music?
Like a storm in a teacup. Sometimes messy and sometimes clean, but always 100 miles and hour and giving it all that we have got. Being a record we produced at home during lockdown the latest music doesn’t give full justice to how far our live show has come in the past year but nonetheless we are super proud of what we’ve made and keen to share it with the world!

Who would you consider to be the biggest influence on your music and why?
FIDLAR, Children Collide and PUP. All these bands manage to make fast angry punk sound so beautiful. Which is something we are striving to achieve and I honestly think we are moving in the right direction to get there.

Best piece of advice you have been given?
“Enjoy the ride” – Unfortunately in today’s music industry the artists make so little, between paying to record mix and master, PR agencies promoting your stuff and then the constant battle to get fair pay for shows there really isn’t any income for us as individuals in the band.

The advice I received a few years back encouraging me to just enjoy the ride was the best I’ve had, up until then I was expecting to be quitting my day job and making a living as a muso which is far from the reality. That piece of advice helped me to realise that just being a part of an industry of creative people was the reward in itself, meeting like minded individuals who love music as much as me has been more then enough payment. Plus getting to do what you love with some of your best friends is pretty bloody rad too!

How did Radolescent get together?
Myself, Lachlan (bass player) and Kurt our old drummer we’re going to shows and loving the energy created in mosh pits. My dad owned a shed where we could practise so it was starting to become an idea in our heads and then we heard Zach from FIDLAR on the radio saying “if you want to start a band just fucking do it”. That was the nail in the coffin, we got our hands on some cheap shitty equipment and away we went. Years on we brought in a lead guitarist, female vocalist and new drummer. Now we’re a bloody five piece. Sometimes I wonder how many members we will end up with, wouldn’t mind becoming some kind of orchestra!

What’s next for Radolescent?
COVID has made dents in our progress much like the rest of the bands in the industry. So for us, although we have this EP just dropping, we have already written a bunch of new songs with the inclusion of our new vocalist Rachel. Moving forward we have two festivals booked for the second half of the year (Springtime Fest GC and Festival of The Sun) and we plan on getting back into the studio to record a follow up EP. As much as we would like to tour we have decided to wait out the COVID madness and plan something massive for the beginning of next year 🤘

Interview By Rob Lyon

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