Jackie Brown Jr On Their Favourite Sydney Artists

Sydney’s Jackie Brown Jr unveil their new single Happy (you wanna be), a soulful indie rock tune that encourages self-love and personal reflection. The five-piece indie rock and soul outfit have built a reputation for the best live show in town, and come armed with a funk-infused discography of soul, rock and hip hop tunes guaranteed to boost serotonin and get toes tapping.

Happy (you wanna be) was recorded at Church Street Studios and features guest artists Jack Purdon (trumpet), Julia Goyen (Alto Sax) and Matt Bell (Trombone). Mixing was completed by Sean Carey, with Steve Smart carrying out mastering duties.

Check out the video for their single Happy (you wanna be)

Jackie Brown Jr go through and compile a playlist on their favourite Sydney artists from over the past year…

Remember – L Fresh the Lion

It’d be impossible to have a conversation about Sydney music and not include L-FRESH the Lion. A powerful wordsmith, L-FRESH is so consistent in releasing such incredible music, all the while continuing to support the South West Sydney music communities and local up and coming artists. A national treasure!

Jacaranda – Megafauna

A strong debut that plays right on my purple (or is it blube?! flower bias. Jacaranda season is one of my favourite times of year in Sydney and this song gets me through the times when they’re not in bloom.

Lover Automatic – I Know Leopard

I Know Leopard’s album is one of Sydney’s standout for the past few years, and their follow up single is no different. With their signature sound of Andrew Wyatt-esque vocals and lush, driving synths, I Know Leopard continues to inspire with their perfect songwriting and production.

Free – Parcels

Arguably the funkiest, tightest band in Australia today (now that they’re back from Berlin), Parcels’ long awaited return to the airwaves does not disappoint. Flavours of Vulfpeck and Vampire Weekend seep into this track, and I am absolutely here for it. Counting down the seconds till their next album!

Little Things – Ziggy Ramo

This song and video is REQUIRED READING! I am in awe of this talented brother’s ability to bring an entire troubled history into a poetic retelling of Paul Kelly’s classic. Hands down, an incredible work of art and one for the history books.

BS – Milan Ring

Milan brings a fire to this bop! I fell in love with this song after seeing her perform BS live, the aesthetic and the story she and rapper Che Lingo bring, is both powerful and irresistibly groovy.

Infinity Room – Astrals

This song feels like the dance sequence at the end of a very melancholic 90s movie. It’s the slow burn – without ever fully dropping – that makes it for me.

Easy – Boysnlove

I’ve had such a good time every time I’ve seen Boysnlove play their latest releases live – so it’s pretty hard to pick. This song is a gut wrenching slow burn that equally makes you want to sway in the wind and cry about all your exes.

Bad Language – Human Noise

I saw Human Noise perform as a group of 3, sitting in a line, playing with a drum machine and they became one of my favourite bands. Can’t wait to see them in full drummer force! Eddy’s voice sounds like Nick Cave and the songs are dark and full of wit. Spectacular songwriting, more people need to know about them.

No Caller ID – 1300

This slaps! These guys rap in Korean and they go hard. Such a heavy banger and a real gem of discovery when I came across them on Fbi Radio – check them out!

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