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After releasing their monumental new album Cold Chamber via Golden Robot Records in March this year, CICADASTONE have lifted track one from the album Red Eye Raven as their next single to radio.

Red Eye Raven  is a song about perception. It’s about how you see yourself verses how others see you., and the ultimate struggle of self-acceptance in an unaccepting world. To compromise who you are and what you stand for… do you just accept it? When you feel life pressures are building, the red eye raven is slowly circling in…

U.S. punk alternative act PEARL HARBOUR has released her new single I Wish I Were You via Die Laughing Records. ‘I Wish I Were You’ brings us some catchy female fronted punk ‘n roll.

So what is the story behind I Wish I Were You?

“Oh yeah she’s driving to lovers lane in her cool pink caddy and missing out on some fun while waiting on your man. Again he’s missing in action so I put on the radio, turning the dial and listen. This song makes me fuzzy all inside, I’m in control… ‘I wish I were you, so I can make love to me.’’’ – Pearl

New wave vocalist Pearl E. Gates, more commonly known as Pearl Harbour, formed this band in 1988 with Buck Naked from Buck Naked and the Bare Bottom Boys.

Swiss hard rockers KING ZEBRA have released their new single Wall Of Confusion via Crusader Records (part of Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group) via all digital platforms.

Switzerland has produced some monumental hard rock bands over the years such as Krokus, Gotthard, Shakra – now KING ZEBRA stand proudly alongside them.

Wall Of Confusion is a sizzling hard rock track and features stunning guest vocals from Guernica Mancini of Thundermother! If there is anyone left out there that believes that you can trust all that you hear, then this slamming song might be good medicine for you. Super special thanks to Guernica for adding her amazing voice to this track.

THE CHECKERED HEARTS are Los Angeles-based duo Hillary Burton and Lisa Mychols, who have many credits to their names. Their sound is a mixture of explosive power pop and reminiscent of long-lost favourites of the 80’s and 90’s. 

They have released their new single and lyric video – a cover of THE CARS classic ‘My Best Friend’s Girl’, which comes off their upcoming EP JOYSTICK.

The highly anticipated official release of JOYSTICK by THE CHECKERED HEARTS is coming to Chicanery  Chick Records in the Summer of 2021, preceded by the first single My Best Friend’s Girl. Pre-orders for the six song EP JOYSTICK have commenced and the first 100 CDs will be hand-numbered and signed by THE CHECKERED HEARTS (Lisa & Hillary).

JOYSTICK is a collection of classic covers by The Cars, Housemartins, Phil Seymour, Kirsty MacColl, and The Knack. In addition, the release includes a bonus track – a special version of an original Lisa & Hillary song.

Although Hillary & Lisa have a long history of writing and performing together, THE CHECKERED HEARTS came into existence in early 2021 and quickly gained a growing fan-base. These women managed to catch the ear of renowned Los Angeles-based DJ, Rodney Bingenheimer, who has played a number of songs by THE CHECKERED HEARTS on his SiriusXM radio program. 

Nick Barker has been a familiar painting hanging on the walls of the Australian music scene since the late 1980s. He further rose to prominence with his band The Reptiles, releasing the hit cover version of Steve Harley’s Make Me Smile.

Now, Barker has released a remastered version of the original track ‘Where I Wanna Be’ (feat. Felicity Urquhart) via Golden Robot Records. Where I Wanna Be comes off the upcoming release Ones You Missed – Vol.1.

“‘Where I Wanna Be’ was written around Mick Thomas’ (Weddings Parties Anything) kitchen table. Mick, Felicity and I wrote it, but it didn’t end up getting used so I recorded it for my Blackwater Blues album. Fliss graciously sang on it and the results speak for themselves I reckon.” – Nick Barker

WILDSTREET  have released their latest single Mother, from their upcoming album, III, set for release on June 25 on digital, CD, and vinyl, out through Golden Robot Records.

To coincide with the release of Mother, WILDSTREET have also dropped a lyric video for the radio edit version of the track.

The full version of Mother is a  7-minute  psychological thriller that uses horror influenced metaphor to paint a picture of the depths of the main characters’ madness, which she insists is her mother’s doing. This is a must hear for fans of Alice In  Chains,  Soundgarden  & Avenged Sevenfold. 

Raised on the Sunset Strip and still going strong in 2021: JIZZY PEARL’S LOVE/HATE presents the first single off his new Golden Robot release; Soul Mama! The single is out now on all digital platforms. Jizzy has one of the most unique and recognizable voices in rock and it shines bright on Soul Mama.

Soul Mama is a rockin’-sockin’, hard-hitting rock anthem in the tradition of AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. The track is from Pearl’s upcoming sixth solo record, HELL, CA, due for release in 2022. He is known for his work in LOVE/HATE, L.A. Guns and RATT.

Aussie punk rock reprobates THE OWEN GUNS are asking the question Is This Punk?

Is This Punk? is the third single and video from THE OWEN GUNS’ EP 2 Electric Boogaloo. It’s a fist-pumping sing-along punk rock tune, inspired by the age-old question asked on every punk rock forum on the internet: Is this punk? The answer from THE OWEN GUNS is…no one cares! If you have to ask, you just don’t get it.

The Owen Guns’ first EP release, Violating Community Standards, came out in 2020 to rave reviews from their wives and girlfriends and they’ve been annoying people with their blend of politics, bad taste humour and social commentary ever since. EP 2 Electric Boogaloo, on all digital platforms via Riot Records/Golden Robot Records. Rejoice!

Hailing from Geelong Australia, WARPED are a 3-piece band that have been around the traps for 30 years and are highly respected scene veterans. WARPED have now released their new single Match Fit via Golden Robot Records, available on all digital platforms.

Match Fit is the follow up to Warped’s recent single Raised By Goats. This is maximum volume, fuzzed out rock ‘n’ roll, reminiscent of all the classic power rock trio’s.

Another banger from the house of WARPED riffage, Match Fit is a high-energy anthem that contains lyrics such as “match fit for rock and roll, the doctor told me so”. How can you go wrong?

Golden Robot Records welcomes L.A. based garage rock ‘n’ rollers VELVET STARLINGS! The band have released their first single through GRR, Back Of The Train, throughout Australia and New Zealand and the track is now available on all digital platforms!

Back Of The Train centres around an infectious, “sneaky low note guitar riff and drums so over-compressed it would make The Sonics cringe – it’s awful in the best way possible” says lead singer, guitarist & organ player Christian Gisborne. The song paints the story of paying dues, making sacrifices and putting in the time and work to get where you’re heading in life, all while making sure to enjoy the ride along the way.

After recently releasing two absolutely scorching punk rock singles, Shakedown and Freak Parade (accompanied by a video clip featuring an all-star punk rock cast), SoCal punk rockers INFAMOUS STIFFS are back with their brand new single and video Get It Straight.

After recently releasing two absolutely scorching punk rock singles, Shakedown and Freak Parade (accompanied by a video clip featuring an all-star punk rock cast), SoCal punk rockers INFAMOUS STIFFS are back with their brand new single and video Get It Straight.

After coming to our attention in 2020, GHOSTS OF SUNSET have really been establishing themselves as a major player on the hard rock scene.

2020 was a fantastic year for the band with singles Miles In-Between, Never Goodbye and Another Rock N Roll Show clocking up several hundred thousand streams between them. 2021 saw the release of their debut EP Headed West to strong fan and critical acclaim. Recently the band’s new charity single ‘All I Wanna Do Is Rock’ was released, with all proceeds going to Save Our Stages.

Their latest single No Saints In The City is out NOW via Golden Robot Records. It is another glorious slab of Sunset Strip styled Glammy Hair Metal reminiscent of all the big names like Poison, Warrant, Motley Crue and co. One listen and the memories come flooding back!

“The bright lights, buildings carving out a skyline, the streets a constant flow of movement. The lovers, the losers, the self-made, and the broken. The undeniable draw of the urban pace. These streets where dreams are made and hearts are broken. It’s almost like they were waiting on you, planning your arrival. Don’t reach for helping hands, there ain’t no saints in the city.” – GHOSTS OF SUNSET

Hailing from Dayton, Ohio ABERTOOTH LINCOLN are an aggressive, spacey, hardcore progressive punk band. Their music is heavy, weird, complicated and can flip genres within seconds. The bottom line is they are unique and refreshing. How do you really describe ABERTOOTH LINCOLN? You can’t, and you have to listen in order to make your own conclusion.

2020 saw the release of 2 critically acclaimed and equally bizarre, but incredibly engaging singles: Hell House and Soup For My Family. Now their latest foray for your listening pleasure, single Mother Is Coming has been unloaded on your aural senses! It is now available on all digital platforms via Riot Records.

Mother is Coming is a self-loathing acknowledgement of our own complacency and the overwhelming guilt and helplessness felt when reflecting on the hypocrisy of religion. We turn a blind eye to the terrible treatment of children and families at the border, with the willingness to justify our own comfort and security over those not as fortunate. It’s a desperate plea for earth to punish us all for the sins of neglect, greed, and the insatiable pursuit of human self-interest.  

The Crooks have released their brand new single I Wonder! The Crooks, consisting of Jacko, Chris, Duncan, Conor, and Tom formed in 2019, in which they released a plethora of tunes, and grew an ever increasing army of loyal fans. 2021 saw their track In Time join She Walks Alone and Nevermind at over 100,000 Spotify streams.

Tipped as ones-to-watch for 2020, last year saw the band releasing a number of singles, including In Time and She Walks Alone securing the band’s intricate rock ‘n’ roll sound, which they gripped in the palms of their hand. Dabbling in their own huge anthemic guitar based sound, The Crooks have now released their most euphoric song to date, which also shines a light on their melodic wall of sound that everyone has grown to love.

I Wonder is about breaking the shackles of a worldwide pandemic and The Crooks kickstart a warm, fresh sound. Realising how life was, while also looking forward to how life can be, the ultimate lesson is – be free.

Using a dark time in everyone’s lives as a way of discovering a way into a brighter future, The Crooks give you I Wonder as a one way ticket to a new mentality with no plan on ever looking back.

Turn it up loud, and let I Wonder set you free.

Newcastle Australian punks HUMAN FAILURE have released their new single Urchin in anticipation of their upcoming EP of the same name. Urchin is out now via Riot Records and available on all digital platforms.

Urchin, the latest single from HUMAN FAILURE, is dedicated to their good friend who passed away. Donny was a mate that went way too early. He was an outgoing guy who always had time for his friends, no matter how long it had been since they last spoke. This isn’t a ballady tribute to Donny, this is hard and fast punk!

Human Failure’s upcoming Urchin EP begins with a flat-out, hardcore, short and fast blast that’s done in 30 seconds – starting the EP with a bang and giving a taste of what’s to come. It then opens up to more melodic and metal flavours, ending with driving hardcore punk and more melody. The 5-Track EP is out now.

SORROW & THE SPIRE is the solo project of Navid Rashid, long time driving force of US progressive  metal band Iris Divine. He has recently signed to Crusader Records and has released his new single My Misery Calling on all digital platforms.

My Misery Calling  is a stomping, infectious track that updates an 80’s hard rock vibe with modern sound and energy.  It’s one of those special songs where every part is a hook.  From the moment it kicks in, it inspires air-guitaring and singing along in equal measure.  Navid’s passionate vocals carry the track, with big drums and guitars, a memorable chorus, melodic guitar solo and a killer outro riff that brings in a little more of SORROW & THE SPIRE’S metal influence.  Lyrically, the track takes a clever look at what happens when we try to hide from the broken parts of ourselves by finding someone else (sometimes a little broken themselves!) to fill in the cracks, instead of looking within to heal ourselves.  My Misery Calling is a perfect introduction to the melodic hard rock and song writing of SORROW & THE SPIRE, and a worthy addition to the Crusader Records roster.

More than a throwback, fans of bands ranging from Def Leppard to Foo Fighters would be well advised to check out Sorrow & The Spire, for killer music that takes familiar sounds into modern directions.

SMASHED GLADYS have just dropped their new single Go To Hell via Golden Robot Records! Go To Hell is the follow up to their first release ‘Bump In The Night’, which was released recently to emphatic fan approval.

Born from the embers of the vibrant Toronto punk scene, SMASHED GLADYS formed in 1984 and then headed to New York City. The band was headed by vocalist Sally Cato and were snapped up by Elektra Records, becoming part of the legendary glam / hair metal scene.

Cato sadly passed away in 2020 and Golden Robot Records are proud to bring you new material in her honour. Smashed Gladys recorded these songs as demos for their 3rd album, which has now been remixed. Go To Hell and Bump In The Night both give fans an insight into this superb unreleased material.

“If you don’t know how to save your soul, you better learn to rock n roll” preaches singer Sally Cato in this high energy boogie about making it in the Big Apple. Every artist has a love/hate relationship with New York City, and you can feel the fun as Smashed Gladys paints a musical picture of the dark side of Gotham with a stroke of humour.

The bombastic duo IN THE WHALE is an extremely unique act. They push sonic boundaries to the limit and deliver a relentless pounding to the senses. Their alternative, post-rock intensity creates a seismic event, showing a band not afraid to take chances or show any fear in their songwriting.

They have just released their new single Smoke Break via Riot Records (part of Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group) which is available now on all digital platforms.

Smoke Break is about addiction, depression, suicide, and what happens when we isolate ourselves for too long. When someone reaches a breaking point (saying, “today’s the day”), things can go bad. The song has been released to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Month.

IN THE WHALE have recently dropped 3 critically and fan acclaimed singles: Crosses, Drug Dealer and Jeffrey.

Las Vegas based punk rock outfit Gob Patrol have unleashed an uneasy and angsty new punk offering with their new single Bad Vibes. The single is out now on all digital platforms through Riot Records. Gob Patrol released their 2nd and most recent EP Spit in December 2020.

An ode to punk legends Black Flag, Gob Patrol’s latest single describes that feeling you get when you’re in the presence of someone who terrifies or confuses you, giving you a “bad vibe”. Hard bass and buzz-sawing guitar riffs accent the crashing cymbals and minimal beats, with repetitive lyrics telling a story of fear and uneasiness.

Gob Patrol are heavily inspired by the legendary 80’s US punk scene highlighted by acts such as Black Flag, GBH, Minor Threat and The Germs. They are angsty, rebellious, chaotic and 100% pure old school punk rock – just how we love it.

SLAMDINISTAS slam you madly with their second single Cut Me Some Slack. True to who they are, these raw, in-your-face, street rock and rollers testify their love for all things Faces and Stones. Gabriel Johns’ sanctifying vocal delivery rides right alongside Mike Gavigan’s rolling blues slide and Loren Molinare’s slinky rhythms. Brian Irving and Paul ILL keep it grooving along with real drum and bass – both hypnotic and downright glorious.

SLAMDINISTAS slam! SLAMDINISTAS deliver! Cut Me Some Slack shows rock and roll is alive and kicking!

Slams’ latest single is available now on all digital platforms via Die Laughing Records / Golden Robot Records. Cut Me Some Slack is the follow up to recent hit Little Troublemaker.

Johnny Thunders is a true punk rock legend. He shot to stardom as a founding member of the iconic NEW YORK DOLLS, but after a stint with the Dolls he went on to form his own band Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers. Thunders sadly lost his life in 1991 aged just 38, but his legacy lives on to this day. He was one of the true Godfathers of the US punk scene.

In March, Golden Robot Records / Die Laughing Records released a live single Chinese Rocks, which is taken from the upcoming live album; Cosa Nostra: Live At The Mudd Club 1983 Gothenburg. The album will be available as limited edition vinyl and on all streaming platforms, with Chinese Rocks being a great intro into what fans can expect from the rare recording.

Now, the second track Personality Crisis from this long-awaited album is out on all digital platforms! As with Chinese Rocks, this is raw, full of New York attitude, totally live and 100% Johnny Thunders!

Cosa Nostra: Live At The Mudd Club 1983 Gothenburg is a previously unreleased live show, extremely rare, direct from the Johnny Thunders estate and totally exclusive to Golden Robot Records / Die Laughing Records.

Australian punks THE CULTURE INDUSTRY are back with a brand new single 141 and it’s out now on all digital platforms through Riot Records!

141 is the follow up to recent singles DK Stance and Middle Aged Kids and will further establish THE CULTURE INDUSTRY in what is a burgeoning local scene, whilst building their international fanbase. 141 is another emotionally charged punk track from THE CULTURE INDUSTRY.

141 demonstrates navigating the paranoia of life’s crossroads and how each path has its own trauma. Choices that we make can break a mortal mind if not done wisely. Which life will you choose?

Hot on the heels of their recent singles King Of The Night Time World (Live) and Escape (Live), L.A. rock icons THE HOLLYWOOD STARS are back with another live single and video through Golden Robot Records. Make It To The Party (Live) is out now on all digital streaming platforms!

Make It To The Party: what began as a song about a rocker wanting his girlfriend to meet him at a party against the wishes of her disapproving mother, has evolved into an anthem of the world opening up again after the hardship of 2020. THE HOLLYWOOD STARS want to see the world “make it to the party” once again!

Lead guitarist Ruben De Fuentes’ message to the world is simple: ‘’Hi kids, I have finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s the ending of this pandemic! No longer will we sit idly and have our freedom taken away. It is time to reopen our beautiful planet and if you want to have fun. ‘Make it to the party’!’’

Canadian band The Jailbirds’ highly anticipated sophomore EP Jungle is out now via Golden Robot Records! To celebrate, the band have also dropped a new single from their EP The Jungle.

Jungle is a collection of 5 songs, each unique in their approach to the subject of depression, anxiety and substance addiction, but cohesive in their theme. Songs like Dull My Brain and Watery Grave bring charisma and energy to the fore as they tackle substance addiction. Whereas tracks like The Jungle and I Will Move On are dark and gritty, but hopeful in their lyrics and melody as it delved into the topic of anxiety and depression.

Jungle, when listened to front to back, is a linear story. The tracks on the EP plant the listener firmly in the shoes of a person struggling for conquest of their own mind; their life has become a duality of love and hate.

Step by step (or song by song) the listener learns the story of a person battling self and substance, constantly shifting in their resolve to overcome their depressive and anxious mind.

On the back of recent their recent singles Irish inspired drinking anthem St. James’s Gate and the addictive pop punk story of a one-sided relationship Shatter, CRIMSON RIOT have released a brand-new album It Took an Apocalypse via Die Laughing Records / Golden Robot Records. It is now available on CD and on all digital platforms.

‘’This album is very special for a lot of reasons. Aside from it being our first label release, we also had help from some very special people. On ‘St. James’s Gate’, the credit for the incredible Celtic instrumentation goes to High Grade Pats and our friend Ken Osborne. We were happy to have their talents assist us on this track.

Also featured on this album is former MTV and VH1 personality Matt Pinfield who was kind enough to help us educate the masses by reading the definition of “punk” to open one of the songs. On that same tune, we had the honor and pleasure of having the helping hand of none other than Matthew Lillard (SLC Punk; Scooby Doo) to drive home that, it doesn’t matter who started punk; it’s music.’’ – CRIMSON RIOT

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