UK Post Punks – Idles – Release Cover Of “Damaged Goods” Taken From Gang Of Four Tribute

Gang of Four’s iconic song, Damaged Goods, gets a blistering makeover from British rock band IDLES and drops as a single, ahead of the June 4 release of the album The Problem of Leisure: A celebration of Andy Gill and Gang of Four.

The Problem of Leisure is a double album of tracks written by Andy Gill and Gang of Four, all newly reinterpreted and recorded by artists whose own unique contributions to music were enriched by listening to Gang of Four. The album features songs from across Gang of Four’s 40-plus year career, each individually chosen by the artists’ who covered them.

IDLES say, “IDLES does not exist without Gang of Four. Damaged Goods still sounds new and exciting after the millionth listen. We jumped at the chance to just play it, let alone record it. It was an honour, a joy and a privilege”

Andy’s widow Catherine Mayer says:
“One of the last emails Andy ever sent set out his provisional album track listing. He wanted the album to open with IDLES’ version of Damaged Goods because its attack and energy are simultaneously so very Gang of Four and so unmistakably IDLES that he thought it would make the perfect introduction to the project. Also he just loved it.”

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