Introducing Irish Indie Rock Band N.O.A.H

N.O.A.H was formed in January 2020, after the band decided to reform a previous musical endeavour. The band have taken inspiration in its naming from the biblical story of ‘Noah and the Ark’, which is centralised around the theme of new beginnings. This idea is fundamental to the band’s vision and core values.

It goes without saying that Covid-19 has undoubtedly affected every one of us in a unique manner. For the past 12 months, the band have been locked away writing, rehearsing and recording new music. As a result, the band’s most recent songs are heavily informed by the ongoing pandemic. Some of the themes include isolation, escapism, and togetherness.

N.O.A.H is comprised of three lifelong friends, Ryan Hill: Lead Vocalists and Guitarist: Adam Rooney: Bass Guitarist and Ronan Hynes: Drummer. In the beginning, all three members bonded over a similar passion for acts such as, ‘Kings of Leon’, ‘U2’ and ‘The Killers’. Since then they have grown to share the same vision and embody the same mind set to achieve their musical goals. N.O.A.H are determined to share their music with the world and leave a lasting impression on the Irish music industry. All members have been formally educated through third level in several music related degrees, some of which include BIMM Dublin.

Last September, the band released their debut single Shine. This song tells the tale of a journey, one which we must all have to make at one point or another in our lifetime. This essential travel is by no means easy and is hard fought. Sometimes we do not know where we are going, but ultimately, deep down, we know something greater and more powerful is guiding our way. In a similar vein, the band are prepared to go the distance and fulfil their hopes and dreams. N.O.A.H will be what they intend to be.

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