Boom Crash Opera’s Dale Ryder On The “Kick It Out Live 2021 Tour”

One of Australia’s most loved bands, Boom Crash Opera, return with a big show at The Gov next weekend. The Kick It Out Live 2021 tour, presented by Triple M, will see them perform hits, gems and rarities in both electric and acoustic mode across a string of venues around the country.

Lead vocalist Dale Ryder has reunited with the band, gracing the stages of Red Hot Summer and other festivals, thrilling fans with their iconic tracks Onion Skin, Dancing In the Storm, Get Out of the House and Best Thing along with other favourites lifted from their five studio albums. On this tour, Dale, Peter ‘Maz’ Maslen (Drums/Vocals), Peter Farnan (Guitar/Vocals) and John Favaro (Bass/Vocals) are making plans to delve deep into the annals of their back catalogue and more to work up obscurities and deep album cuts for the fans.

With five original studio albums to choose from, Boom Crash Opera (1987), These Here Are Crazy Times (1989), Fabulous Beast (1993), Born (1995) & Gizmo Mantra (1997), as well as their acclaimed acoustic album Dancing In the Storm (2009) audiences are in for a treat! Dale Ryder answers a few questions about the tour.

Has the band had to re-strategise about the navigating challenges of the new raft of restrictions?
Our strategy is to hope with confidence, have all digits crossed and prey to every deity in this universe and however many others there might be , that our strategy is the right strategy.

How has the tour gone so far?
We’ve done three gigs so far and they have been a real pleasure. The BCO fans have been welcoming and awesomely receptive.

What have been some of the curly fan requests for the tour?
We have added Bombshell, Caught Between Two Towns, What A Goodnight, Off To Sea, Don’t Forget To Breathe, Dreaming Up A Fire and Last Place On Earth to our set list in response to our fan’s requests.

Have some of these songs taken a bit of rehearsing?
Fortunately rehearsals to sing these songs were a walk in the park . However for Peter Farnan, John Favaro and Peter Maslen ( the actual musicians ) it was a lot of work. Requiring new sounds and new ways of bending and twisting fingers and limbs to produce them.

Has the set list been different night to night?
The set list remains the same so far. BCO fans are happy with our new inclusions.

How great has it been being back playing gigs with your mates?
It’s a real joy and pleasure to make noise with my Crashie mates again. I must say I really missed them.

Has there been much talk in the tour van of making new music?
Yes …. “ never say never “

What’s the one thing you can’t go out with on tour?
At the moment it seems I can’t tour without my mini-maton and my in ear monitors .

What albums are rocking your world right now?
Right now I’m listening to Origins (Deluxe Version) by Jordan Rakei . And can’t stop. This musician is as awesome as they come. Do yourself a favour and listen to it.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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