Emily Coupe On New Single “I See Only You”

Emily Coupe is an Australian country/pop with a soul twist. Her fusion of sounds has developed over the years, with influences ranging from singer/songwriter staples Jewel, Alanis Morissette, Colbie Caillat and Sheryl Crow. Emily believes in sharing from the heart with a voice that at once is genuine and earthy, yet hopeful and filled with love and light. Her songs come from the story of her life, and resonate with the listener as honest and probing reflections on her impressions and experiences.

Emily’s music contains strong elements of romance and self reflection, sung with a mystical and ethereal tone, flavoured with a tinge of spirituality and comedy sprinkled throughout. Emily currently resides in Los Angeles, California where she is cutting her teeth in the LA gig scene and forging an ever growing relationship with her audience. Emily talks about her current single I Only See YOu.

How has the build up been to the new single I See Only You?
I am really excited to release this new song in a few weeks time! It is held really close to my heart, and I wrote it during the pandemic. It’s funny because when I write music, often times I am not quite sure what I am writing in the moment, and then reflect back and try to decipher what I was writing about. In this instance, I came up with the finger picking pattern, and then the words came out naturally. I believe I wrote this song in under fifteen minutes.

What is the background behind the single?
I was experimenting with different styles, and felt influenced to try out a new finger picking pattern that I learned from my guitar teacher, which ended up becoming this song 🙂 Also this song is about meeting someone for the first time, who you almost don’t feel you are worthy of, and slowly falling in love. You feel so strongly about them, that you almost don’t see anyone else, and they have your full attention. It’s supposed to be a very sweet, caring and romantic song.

What has the fan response been like so far?
Not sure yet, however whenever I have played it live people have really enjoyed it. Hopefully people react the same way to the recorded version.

How would you compare it sonically to some of your other music?
It is very similar to my last single Nursery Rhyme (Lullaby Version) in that it’s very gentle, soft, caring, and intimate – almost like a lullaby.

Are you building towards and album or EP?
Yes, this is the first single to drop from my new upcoming album, which I wrote during the pandemic. I only have a couple of songs left to record, then we will plan a release date for the album. 

Does the music come before the lyrics?
In this instance, the words were inspired by the melody and chords, however both are equally as important in this song.

Who would you say is the biggest musical influence/ inspiration for yourself?
Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Jewel, Alanis Morrisette, Colbie Caillat, Sheryl Crowe, Maren Morris.

Did you lose much momentum last year due to the pandemic?
No, because I was mainly writing anyway. With music gigs yes, however was able to play a few live stream shows through my management company Sparam Entertainment.

Are you looking forward to being able to tour more broadly around the country this year?
Yes I am hoping so, as things continue to open up. I had my first gig back on Saturday at The Mint, so hoping to do more shows like this soon.

What’s next for Emily Coupe?
Well, as well as doing music I am also an actress and producer. I am prepping to shoot an upcoming film called The Locket in June, as well as producing multiple film projects through my company Couped Up Entertainment. Musically, I am finishing up my album, booking more gigs, and then we shall see what the future brings.

Interview by Rob Lyon

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