Freya Josephine Hollick Laments “The Real World” on New Single

‘Sprung from the desecration of the natural world and mass extinction, comes Freya Josephine Hollick’s latest single The Real World, – the title track from her forthcoming album recorded at Rancho de la Luna, Joshua Tree.

Known for her heart-tugging country love songs, Hollick’s latest work speaks of the folly of humankind and the bleak situation we seem to have found ourselves in. The words lament a world so sick it can’t breathe where ‘the sky has turned to fire’.

Aching and punctuated by Freya’s pure and fragile tone, The Real World orbits in a cosmic ether of sullen strings and crying steel guitar. The palpable sense of loss for our planet permeates, when stretched across Hollick’s alt roots canvas it takes on the feeling of an intimate conversation.

‘I wrote this song three years ago, but it seems more poignant now than ever, after last summer’s fires, and a world swept by an illness it can’t outrun. It was intended as a gentle reminder to be kind to our own habitat, and to remind us we are fallible. We cut off our noses to spite our face. We need to un-f**k ourselves.’

Freya Josephine Hollick plays The Tote on March 26 with her wonderful band to launch The Real World single.

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