Melbourne Four Piece Jurassic Unleash High Voltage New Tune “Left Low”

Massively energised by the reaction to their 2020 track, Tar and Smoke, and keen to keep the ball rolling, Jurassic release their indie rock track Left Low.

Speaking about their new single, Jurassic says “‘Left Low’ was written at a time when a lot of things in life were quite taxing and I was beginning to feel quite beaten and drained by it all. Although it sounds like a bleak theme, ‘Left Low’ is quite the opposite of that to us. It’s a triumphant and inspired “fuck that” in the most positive way. It’s a breaking-of-the-chains to the things/people/jobs/places that are bringing you down. It’s a soundtrack of moving onto better things.”

“The song was actually written a little while ago now and came together very fluently. We reworked a few things in pre-production, but overall the tune was quickly developed. It’s definitely our best track we’ve recorded to date”. Jurassic

Made up of Robbie Jamieson on lead vocals and guitar, Angelo Rosas-Ortiz on guitar, Jakob Nicolandos on drums and Lachy Forbes on bass, Jurassic are heavily inspired by the raw nostalgic feel from bands such as Nirvana, as well as Violent Soho and Hockey Dad.

Writing and recording the track at Home Surgery Recordings with producer/engineer Jon Grace (The VANNS, Dune Rats, Kingswood), Jurassic approached their latest single with the mindset of eventually returning to touring.

“After such a long hiatus due to COVID and live music being shut down, we are absolutely buzzing with excitement to get back to playing live shows! It has been an amazing relief being able to play together again after such a stop-start year. We have some big things coming up, and a lot of lost time to make up for. So bring on the chaos and the sweaty mosh pits, we can’t wait!” Jurassic

Left Low Single Launch
Saturday April 10 The Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood
With guests – Stepdad Advice and Saturday Escapades