Absolute Riot @ The Lark At Gluttony, Adelaide 3/3/2021

Sailing in a small boat on stage frantically writing in her diary was our first introduction to this deliciously insatiable character that is Miss Friby. In the first song she declares ‘I will predict a riot’ but no need to question it because that’s the show from start to finish. Absolute Riot describes the show perfectly and any show that starts with Elvis Presley’s Bossa Nova Baby is a winner for me! In fact, it was like watching Elvis Presley and Ann Margaret’s zany love child sing and dance for an hour!

How do you describe a show that is totally off the charts? It’s sophisticated chaos! There was so much to take in, it was non-stop. From running up and down the middle of the audience with her arms out stretched like a moonstruck Kate Bush to busting into the most un-Greek Zorba dance that you had ever seen. As a Greek-Australian myself I must say it was the most unique version I had ever seen but it had me mesmerised with every scull of ouzo and animated leg kick. Opa!

Miss Friby threatened that ‘shits gonna get weird’ and ‘nothing will make sense’ and yes that’s true but by gosh the energy was insatiable, her Mothers Guilt poetry was elegantly maniacal, the Burlesque was unorthodox, her facial expressions and accents were a pure delight, while the singing and dancing especially the interpretive dance was, well… simply a must see! A special mention to her sidekick Stewart Atkin who deserves some accolades for keeping up with the constant hi-jinks!

Absolute Riot was nautical, political, musical, hysterical and much, much more. Even when Miss Friby described a part of the show as a low moment it was still an incredibly high antics performance. It was crazy, sexy, unpredictable and full of riotous fun.

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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