New Music For Heaps Good Friends

Heaps Good Friends are charging in with a defibrillator zap for your 2020 heart, in the form of their chaotically catchy and uplifting new single Up Close And Personal.

After the tumultuous and unpredictable year that was 2020, Heaps Good Friends are here to deliver a hearty dose of “you can do this!” encouragement with their new release, making it the perfect soundtrack to kick off the New Year.

Vocalist Emma Fradd says the track “tells the story of being so fascinated by someone; the way they talk, move, dress, it’s like they are bulletproof.”

“I think to some degree, we all want to be seen this way, we all want to appear ‘put together’. But knowing someone up close? All their quirks and harsh pokey bits as well as their love and vulnerability; deep down, I reckon we all would prefer this kind of relationship.”

Reflecting on how the track came together, Fradd explains:

“One of my absolute all time favourite moments in life is when I sit down in Nick’s studio and he shows me a bunch of tracks he’s working on. ‘Up Close And Personal’ was the first one he showed me on my July visit this year and I remember just laughing. The song brought me so much joy, I just had a huge smile on my face. You know, you hear something and it makes you want to get up and wiggle around.

“Nick is so, so good at creating, and It is such a spark to ignite the lyric writing process. Most of the time it is very easy, very enjoyable. I really treasure these moments because when I experience that true joy, I feel invincible, and free. That’s what we want to share with our fans.”

Up Close And Personal was written and recorded in Nick and Emma’s home studios throughout 2020. It was mixed by Michael Cutaryar, and mastered by Fillippo Cimatti.

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