Crazy Town & Full Frontal Lobotomy Release “Surf’s Up”

After a 10-year hiatus Full Frontal Lobotomy, return to the Australian punk rock scene in a collaboration for the ages, seeing the Adelaide outfit team up with Seth “Shifty” Binzer from Crazy Town to deliver the hard energy punk rock track, Surf’s Up.

A collaboration tracing the lines of metal and punk, Surf’s Up is a high energy ode to old school California punk rock, a 2:30 minute energy ridden exercise that extrudes influences such as The Dead Kennedys to Rancid.

Surf’s Up features and all-star cast including Seth “Shifty” Binzer from Crazy Town (Lead Vocals), D.J. Blackard from Hed PE (Guitar) Elias Tannous From Crazy Town (Guitar) Kye John from Next Generartion (DJ ) Michael G from Space Bong (drums) and Pigsy on bass and producer.

In the weeks that follow, Full Frontal Lobotomy will release their second collaboration single, Hate is the Weapon featuring the vocals of Jarred Gomes, lead singer of Hed PE, to being released February 24th with an undertone of nine inch nails a touch of Marilyn Manson after a binge on Depeche mode.

Full Frontal Lobotomy is renowned Adelaide music identity Pigsy, who has spending much of his time tour managing international artist including Madchild, Obie Trice and a 2019 DJing tour for Merkules and covering bass duties with LA’s Crazy Town for their Australia and New Zealand tour.

Having shared the stage in the last decade with acts such as – Segression, Day of Contempt , I Killed the Prom Queen, Shot Point Blank, and Carpathian to name a few The lull of 2020 has given Pigsy time get Full Frontal Lobotomy back in action, and today announces the bands proud return with the release of its newest collaboration track, Surf’s Up.

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