COVID-19 Won’t Stop The 60 Four From Returning To The Fringe

After a year’s hiatus, The 60 Four are returning to Adelaide for two performances at the Norwood Concert Hall.

Ben Francis and Lachlan Williams (SA) will be joined by Kyle Hall (WA) and Jack Conroy (Vic) for the first time since March, when the Coronavirus pandemic forced states to shut their borders indefinitely.

The 60 Four have wowed audiences all over Australia with their sharp suits, slick moves and tight harmonies, with hits from ‘60s megastars including The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Four Seasons and Johnny O’Keefe. Their performances feature a spectacular 9-piece band made up of local musicians.

Director and lead vocalist, Ben Francis, says the group is looking forward to reconnecting with their audience.

“It has never been this long between drinks… but we are all so excited at the prospect of getting back onstage again. It’s about giving paid work to our fabulous band, to our crew and to all of the people that work on the show; and it’s also about giving the Adelaide community a chance to enjoy first-class entertainment in a Covid-safe space.”

There is no denying that 2020 has been a tumultuous year for the arts and entertainment industry; and The 60 Four have seen this first hand. In fact, their last performance finished six hours before restrictions came into effect in March, and they haven’t been on stage since.

The toll of the year has been felt on the group individually, too. Jack Conroy was touring with the Australian and New Zealand cast of The Book of Mormon when restrictions came into effect. For a period of time, they were the only Broadway show playing across the world. He was in Melbourne for much of the state’s huge lockdown. Kyle Hall, who currently resides in Perth, is in his second year at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and hasn’t been able to fly back to Adelaide to see his family.

‘The 60 Four: In Concert’ will be presented at the Norwood Concert Hall at 8pm on Saturday 13th March and 2pm on Sunday 14th March. Covid regulations are in place. Tickets are limited and on sale from FringeTix.

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