Crystal Cities Revisit Their Earlier Dream Pop Influences On New Single

2020 saw some unique strategies employed when it comes to how artists release albums. Sydney-based Dream Rock band Crystal Cities are no different, and have opted for their own unique approach for the release of their second record Hold Me Close Hold Me Tight.

The band will release their 10 track album as individual singles with each song getting the chance to be absorbed and appreciated by their fans rather than getting overlooked.

“I think content and momentum are two very important things to be aware of in the streaming-age. Releasing multiple songs all at once is wasted potential in my eyes. We’ve worked so hard on each and every track on this album so why not let each one have it’s time in the spotlight rather than getting lost in the noise of an entire album release all at once.” – Jared King (Bass and backing vocals)

Once the release of each single is complete the band will re-package each song as one full body of work that will be their sophomore album, Hold Me Close Hold Me Tight.

The fourth single to be released from the album is Jenny, How Were We to Know?. The hypnotic track sees the Sydney-based band revisit some of the Dream pop sounds and textures that influenced their earlier work such as their debut EP Who’s Gonna Save Us Now.

“The meaning behind this song is something which needs to remain private. Being a music artist in 2021, we’re encouraged to share every little detail about our lives with our audience. While this has opened up many opportunities for artists to have unique and personal interactions with fans – something which we encourage and take full advantage of in Crystal Cities – there are some things that perhaps should be kept to ourselves in order to set boundaries and protect and respect the privacy of other people… In this instance, I want the context of this song to be left up to the listener’s own interpretation.” – Geoff Rana (vocals/guitar/keys)

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