Davey Lane “Don’t Bank Your Heart On It”

Davey Lane returns with his third solo album Don’t Bank Your Heart On It which shows how he continues to evolve as a singer and songwriter. There’s no questioning his talent, musicianship or his song writing and when all these elements are put together makes for quite the performer. This album shows a new found confidence and belief that Lane has arrived as a singer songwriter in his own right.

There were plenty signs of that on his previous two albums I’m Gonna Burn Out Bright (2017) and Atonally Young (2014) but I think Don’t Bank Your Heart On It will be the album that will make a lot more people take notice. He’s not just that guy who plays guitar in our favourite band You Am I but is deserving of the spotlight.

Don’t Bank Your Heart On It is a great listen and shows Lane’s diverse range of musical influences. Even Lane himself acknowledges that this album is a “mixtape” of sorts as there isn’t one particular sound but variety of influences and soundscapes to keep it interesting making you wonder what track will rollover next.

This time Lane rounds up buddies in the ilk of Todd Rundgren, Jimmy Barnes, Stu Mackenzie (King Gizzard & The Lizzard Wizard), Vika & Linda, Robyn Hitchcock, Tommy Stinson of The Replacements and Tim Rogers to make that ultimate “dream mixtape”. That emotive feel of I’ll Swim Ashore is a stirring opener but it is the cinematic pop of You Are A Mirage and the 60s- tinged melodic glory of Beguile Me, Palindrome that left me thinking wow, this is pretty darn god! Lane has plenty of aces in his back pocket with gems such as You Were A Mirage, Leave It To The Moderns and the hip-hop/ rock attitude of Gotcha Money On Yr Mind with Jimmy Barnes.

The trump cards on the album come at the end bringing Lane’s thoughts and musings together to a close. Acceptance sees Lane questioning all aspects of his life and it is the wise heads of Todd Rundgren and Vika & Linda providing a steadying influence. The album couldn’t finish any better with his pal and band brother Tim Rogers on I’m Yer Wonder Fool leaving listeners to ponder the purpose of life. Don’t Bank Your Heart On It tracks the last couple of years of the life and times of Davey Lane. No doubt he is even a better person having shared his experiences. Truly a great album, well done Davey Lane.

Album Review By Rob Lyon

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