Something For Kate “The Modern Medieval”

Extraordinary! Something For Kate’s seventh album The Modern Medieval is remarkable. Fans no doubt have been hanging for a while since 2012’s Leave Your Soul To Science but the wait has been more than worth while. Like an intricate tapestry this collection of ten songs has been well crafted and pieced together. Paul, Steph and Clint have really stepped things a more than a couple of notches this time round.

Creative mastermind Paul Dempsey is a deep thinker and the intensity he brings to these songs is really something to behold. Already we have been treated to singles Situation Room, Waste Our Breath and Supercomputer but there’s still plenty more layers to this tapestry. For me, one of many stand outs is Come Back Before I Come Back To My Senses. Hot damn! The vocals and musicianship on this one is top shelf. Dempsey has been quoted as saying that it isn’t about satisfaction for the listener but getting them to think about it and meet half way, well, I’m well past half way.

It all starts with the majestic All The Great Minds. The different layers with keyboards, synthesisers, percussion and intricate guitar parts woven together is fantastic showing the band’s creative side and taking things to a new level. The dramatic feel of Inside Job is stellar and a tale of two quite different characters – one played by Dempsey and the other by Bernard Fanning (inevitable maybe considering they recorded at his studio) making one formidable combination.

There is a real sense of urgency about Our Extinguished Colleague as this one motors along and the country vibe in Bluebird (featuring the vocals of Mia Wray) shows something a little different. It seems as if the album has been building up to Last Resort Town in a lot of ways connecting a lot of the themes from what has preceded this before finishing on the sultry and dark I Will Defeat You. In a time where music is so important to enrich and nourish our souls in what have been some difficult times the listening experience has been a great one. There is no doubt that even the Something For Kate purists will give this the seal of approval.

Album Review By Rob Lyon

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