Birds Of Tokyo Head In To The “Weekend”

After a … memorable … year everyone’s probably ready for a much needed break and that’s the inspiration for Birds Of Tokyo’s new single, Weekend. It’s song about getting away up (or down) the coast and letting the summer surf wash away the stress.

The breezy reggae-tinged track is a marked gearshift from the band’s string of intensely emotional hits like Good Lord, The Greatest Mistakes and Never Going Back which propelled their acclaimed album Human Design to #1 on the ARIA charts back in May.

“We like to keep trying new things so it was great to have a crack at something so different”, explains Birds Of Tokyo guitarist, and the song’s producer, Adam Spark. “After the year everyone’s had I think we all felt like making music that’s just kinda summery and light-hearted”.

Weekend was written and recorded during the 2020 lockdown in the eastern states but singer Ian Kenny was in Perth where things were very different. “The lyrics are pretty straightforward on this one”, Kenny reflects. “It’s very much written from a W.A. perspective. Obviously we’ve been lucky to avoid most of the hardships that people elsewhere have suffered so I didn’t want to make light of that but it feels like everyone around Australia has earned a weekend or two at the beach after this crazy year … a Covid safe weekend of course!”

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